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Earlier this week, “Medicine” singer Queen Naija had to address her body shamers once again.

On July 20, a Twitter user shared a post the implied it was somewhat hypocritical for Queen Naija to have promoted self-love in her songs when the singer has gotten plastic surgery in the past. @halajello’s message to the singer said, “Will never get over how @queennaija was telling mfs to love themselves how they are and then got a BBL like OKAY MISS MAMAS.”

Queen Naija has been very open with her fans on social media about the BBL aka Brazilian Butt Lift she’d gotten done back in 2019 after the birth of her son, Legend Lorenzo White. Notably, BBL’s are one of the most dangerous procedures that can be performed despite their increased popularity within the last decade.

“The song was speaking to myself,” the singer said to @halajello as she responded to the criticism. “The song was about not letting a man stop you from knowing your worth and being you, it had nothing to do with whether I decided to get a BBL or not, but I guess you’re just a little too shallow to understand.”

For reference, in her 2017 song “Exclusive Girl,” assumably the song the two are referencing, Queen Naija says: “You should just be yourself, you don’t gotta be like everyone else.”

In the replies, Twitter users had mixed feelings about what was said between the two and whether Queen Naija was right. They said things like:

“How is getting BBL not loving yourself? I hate people I swear,”

Lmfaooo the fact that bbl isn’t self love it’s just u subconsciously wanting to be accepted and attractive in others eyes it’s not self love it’s about the bigger acceptance y’all think it’s self love cuz it make u feel better about your self knowing ur eye candy without a mirror,

Girl you could never win, the Natural Body Association always gonna be on you for dropping exclusive girl and the War cry stans always gonna judge you for doing rnb,

and “It does seem contradictory. You speaking of loving yourself and knowing your worth but made alterations to your body even though you had an a*s….it gives body dysmorphia.

This isn’t the first time the singer has had to deal with criticism from others regarding what she as a grown woman chose to do with her own body. MADAMENOIRE reported on back in 2019, around the time she’d gotten the work done, some negatively swirled her decision then too.

More recently, this past April, ACESHOWBIZ reported that the singer tweeted, “Lol, y’all body shame people for being fat, y’all body shame skinny people, y’all body shame mom bodies, and surgery bodies. As long as I love my body and my n***a love it, I’m good [love] I’m sexy & I know it.

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