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Ray J and Princess Love

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Ray J and the struggles of fidelity in his marriage to Princess Love have been well-documented.  And while the reality tv stars, parents and on-again, off-again partners are on good terms these days, it doesn’t mean that Ray J isn’t still firing off at the mouth.

During a recent episode of Respectfully Justin, Ray J joined comedian Lil Duval, Justin Combs and Justin La Boy to talk about a subject Ray J knows a little something about—cheating.

The conversation included talk of threesomes and a Hotep’s favorite talking point about monogamy being unnatural.

It began with Lil Duval admitting that he had “backslid” in his relationships before. Then Ray J chimed in, speaking about the biological implications of being non-monogamous.

“Men and women sometimes slip up, young know what I’m saying? How many times they do and how many times somebody forgives is another thing. If you look at the Animal Planet and you see the lion and the tigers and the bear…the head lion, he smashing everybody. The head lion running through. This is his natural instinct. It ain’t wrong for him.”

I guess no one told Ray J that the lion and lionesses don’t have an expectation of monogamy from one another and are all in agreement with this behavior. The lions didn’t make vows and certain promises to one another. Humans are animals. But we also have the ability to think, reason and communicate.  With all of those unique gifts in the animal kingdom, one would assume that Ray J would have asked himself some tough questions about what he was able to provide in a relationship, realize that monogamy was not on the list and then communicate that fact to Princess. But that’s too much like right.

In this same conversation Ray J also shared that at the beginning of their relationship, he abstained from having sex with Princess for six or seven months.

“My situation with my beautiful wife, I didn’t want to hit on the first night,” said Ray J. “I wanted to stretch it, just because it’s different. Six, seven months.”

Naturally, given all what he shared and what we know about Ray J, the claim was met with skepticism.

Lil Duval asked, “You waited for six months?!” To which Ray J responded, “No, she waited for six months!” The hosts all burst out laughing.  Cute. I don’t know how Princess does it. But these comments alone would have me running for the hills.

You can watch the nearly hour long conversation in the video below.


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