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Yandy and Mendeecees may have seemed like the perfect example of a ride or die couple. But their appearance on “Couple’s Retreat,” has shown that both people were harboring some resentment from the things that happened during his incarceration.

The last time we talked about them, Mendeecees shared that if the tables were turned, he doesn’t know if he would have been able to stand by Yandy’s side if she was the one behind bars.

Now, in their final counseling session, it’s clear that they still have some unresolved issues that don’t have anything to do with Mendeecee’s jail sentence but Yandy feeling like he’s jealous or upset about the amount of attention she receives.

Things got so tense between the two that he walked out of the session.

Check out the transcript of their tense interaction below.

Mendeecees: I’m going to stand here and hold the door but after a while I had to let her know, I’m here. Don’t take advantage because I’m right here. She knows. We’ve been together for a while, she knows it’s not my thing.

Yandy (in confessional): Oh my gosh, the damn door. This always happens. If I’m getting too much attention, he gets annoyed.

Mendeecees: Just be a little considerate. I’m here to support you so when we’re saying our goodbyes, let’s not turn a 10 minute goodbye into an hour goodbye.

AJ: How do you feel about that? How big was your [Yandy’s] career while you [Mendeecees] were incarcerated?

Mendeecees: She has grown since I was incarcerated. And I’m proud of her.

AJ: I think you talk yourself into I’m cool, I’m fine. But your behavior says, ‘I’m not really cool with it all.’ And right now, what I think what happens from my observation is I think you take it out on Yandy. ‘Can we hurry up and go?’ As opposed to, ‘Let’s figure out how we can be in this.’

But what can’t keep happening, and I hope you agree, is that Yandy feel unsupported by the number one fan that makes the difference in the world. It can’t feel great that you weren’t there to participate when you were incarcerated.

Mendeecees: I think you’re absolutely wrong, absolutely.

Mendeecees (to himself): This sh*t is dumb.

Mendeecees (in confessional): I came into this meeting thinking that we’re supposed to be working on our issue. Now it just seems like it’s my issue. I feel like they’re double-teaming me. I don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish. I’m not feeling this.

Yandy: There’s something I feel like in Mendeecees where if he builds me up too much, he’ll think like I’m too big headed. And then I won’t want to be with him and then I’ll leave.

Mendeecees: Absolutely not. I think you’re absolutely wrong. That is not…that is not actual facts.

Yandy: I could get an award from one of the top Black organizations…

Mendeecees: I say congratulations!

Yandy: But it might be like, ‘Yo congrats on that.’

Mendeecees: I don’t even talk like that. Humanize me.

Yandy: What would be better is…

Mendeecees: Yo I’m ready for this scene to be over. This sh*t’s getting dumb. We’re going in circles now. Matter fact, I don’t even want to talk about this sh*t no more. This sh*t sound dumb. It’s super duper dumb. Cut scene real quick.

Mendeecees walks out of the room and Yandy follows him. 15 minutes later Yandy convinces him to return. When they do, AJ tells the couple that they are essentially asking for the same thing: consideration.

She advised that the two increase the consideration, have more patience with one another and communicate.

You can take a look at the clip from this scene below.

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