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Iyanla Fix My Life Mother Daughter

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To our parents we’ll always be their babies. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t adults, capable of making our own decisions about the course our life will take. And while it’s a guarantee that our parents won’t agree with every choice we make, it’s important that parents give their children space to chart their own course, even if it means being disappointed in the process.

One mother on the upcoming episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life’ struggled with this as her daughter told her not only did she have a new boyfriend, she was moving in with him.

Now, this would certainly be a cause for concern if this young lady were still a teenager. But Alexis is 26 years old. She’s been grown for some time now.

Still, her mother was not with it.

See how it all went down below.

Alexis: I am currently dating someone. We plan on moving in together and he actually wants to pick me up from the airport today.

Iyanla: How long have y’all been dating?

Alexis: Well, we met before COVID. I met him at his job. But we’ve probably been dating for three months.

Erika, Alexis’ 51-year-old mother has a visceral reaction to the news. Iyanla warns her to “Watch her face.”

Iyanla: Complete this is quite exciting.

Alexis: I’ve met a bunch of his family. They seem nice and they’ve taken me in and embraced me.

Iyanla: What do you think about that, ma?

Erika: I’m not excited about it.

Iyanla: You do know she’s a grown a$$ woman?

Erika: Yes, I do. But I didn’t know she was dating anyone. We didn’t talk about it.

Iyanla: That’s because she couldn’t tell you because of that face. Did you hear what she said? Bottom line, she’s happy.

Erika: Awesome.

Iyanla: Are you upset because you didn’t know?

Erika: I usually don’t know. That’s not new. I always find out at the very end.

Iyanla: What you got to hear is that they don’t feel like they can tell you without that face. Because remember what you already heard from both of them. When you’re not happy with something they’re doing, you withdrawal. You go into silence. And that makes them feel bad. So that’s why she didn’t tell you.

Watch the clip from this weekend’s episode in the video below.


“Iyanla Fix My Life” airs at 9 pm ET/PT on OWN. 

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