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Polyamory Red Table Talk

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The Red Table is known as the place people come to have uncomfortable, taboo conversations, the type of things that often go unsaid. And on today’s episode the really went there as Willow dove deeper into her desire to be polyamorous in her romantic relationships. What made the conversation so interesting is that she was explaining all of this to her grandmother, Gammy, who could not understand it. 

Ultimately though, with people who live the lifestyle and expert opinions, all parties were able to come to an understanding. Check out a few highlights from the conversation below. 

Willow: “With polyamory, I feel like the main foundation is the freedom to create a relationship style that works for you and not just stepping into monogamy because that’s what everyone around you says is the right thing to do. So I was like how can I structure the way that I approach relationships with that in mind. Also doing research into polyamory, the main reasons why divorces happen is infidelity.”

Gammy says that all of it seems like the focus is entirely sexual. But Willow assured her that her introduction to polyamory was nonsexual.

Later, in the episode, they were joined by two Black women named Gabby, who are polyamorous. One Gabby is dating a married man, has a boyfriend and a platonic woman and life partner.

The second Gabrielle is a poly newbie, who first identified as bi-sexual and then polyamorous spoke about how to handle jealousy in polyamorous relationships.

Ultimately, Gammy was able to realize that polyamorous relationships require a different level of self-love and maturity.

“I would have so much work to do on myself to be in a polyamorous relationship. Jealousy? Woo wheew. Jealousy is nothing but your own insecurity.”

Jada said, “I really realize how much we use our relationships to bolster our egos. And that has nothing to do with love at all.”

And as far as her thoughts on what she wants for Willow in terms of her pursing polyamory, she said, “As long as you are learning to have the greatest love affair with Willow, I’m okay with whatever you do.”

Toward the end of the conversation, even Gammy came around as she realized it wasn’t her job to understand polyamory as much as it was for her to not judge it.


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