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Chris MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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I assumed after last week that we were finally done with Chris’ shenanigans as it pertained to his mockery of a marriage to Paige. But the tricks this man has up his sleeve are never-ending. And during a meeting with Pastor Cal, on tonight’s episode of the show, Chris continued to show his a$$ and disrespect Paige.

When Pastor Cal asked Chris why he couldn’t make his marriage with Paige work, he blamed the experts for matching him with a woman he didn’t find attractive.

See how the conversation went down below.

Pastor Cal: Well Chris, this has probably been one of the most difficult matches I encountered because I had high hopes and I believed that you guys had the potential. At one point, you told me you know why we matched you. You said you two looked good on paper.

Chris: We do look good on paper. But she’s not the type of woman if I was in a bar or at church that I would say, ‘Aww man, let me go up to her and talk to her.’

Pastor Cal: Why not? Straight up.

Chris: I think it would have to be the physical features, like the face.

Pastor Cal: *Scoffs* Besides her physicality, give me something about her that really you just did not like.

Chris: It was just the physicality. I wasn’t attracted to the face. And I’m not being disrespectful here but it’s so many beautiful Black queens, White queens, Hispanic queens here in Atlanta and I just feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to find somebody. Because I’m not that picky.

Pastor Cal: Chris…you’re not that picky?

Chris: Out of the millions of women here, y’all picked the one that was just like ahhh…

Pastor Cal: No, no, no. I’m not going to take that. That is not true. That is so not true. It’s just not.

Chris: I’m just talking about what I like because it’s my wife.

Pastor Cal: When I talked to you, I asked you…Remember we had this conversation.

Chris: And I said I was open.

Pastor Cal: So what are we supposed to do?

Chris: You guys are responsible. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find somebody that I…

Pastor Cal: You wanted to be a power couple. You wanted somebody where you guys could walk into a room and work a room.

Chris: Yeah but you have to be attracted to the person though.

Pastor Cal: In every other area, she was qualified. It’s just that you didn’t like her face.

Chris: Yes sir.

Pastor Cal: Look Chris, attraction has to be more than physical. If you’re truly looking for a marriage, you have to be focused on shared values and you have to let the attraction grow.

Chris: That’s what I did though.

Pastor Cal: Dude! You did not! You never gave your marriage a chance to grow in love. You never gave your marriage a chance to become attracted to her. Chris, I want the best for you. I want the best for her, man. But I know this has been very painful for her. And I want you to seriously consider how you handle relationships.

Because this ain’t even about you and Paige anymore. You’ve been engaged a couple times and neither of them has come to fruition. And now you’re married and that’s not working. So your next decisions have to be well thought out. They have to be serious. You have to look at yourself and say what am I learning from this. Because I don’t feel as though this has been your finest hour.

Whew chile…far from it. But from what we’ve seen of Chris, this just might be the absolute best he has to offer. And that’s not saying much.

Once again, I hate seeing Paige disrespected in this way. And not to sink too low to Chris’ level but in terms of attractiveness, homeboy don’t have that much room to talk. If we were ranking the fineness of the two people in his marriage, he would not be number one. And that’s just about external beauty. Lord knows if we were comparing the attractiveness of Chris and Paige’s souls…We’ll just leave it there.  It really is the audacity for me.

You can watch this clip of him and Pastor Cal in the video below.

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