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While the idea of their being soul ties — that is, an emotional or even spiritual connection made with an individual through sexual intercourse — gets a side-eye from some who say it’s a way to shame sexual freedom, there are others who firmly believe in it. Someone who does is Atlanta-based love coach Shay Levister. The author, speaker and self-proclaimed “certified love transformer” says that soul ties don’t have to be a bad thing if created with the right individuals, but if you’re still opining the last person you slept or feeling a level of regret over a recent sexual interaction, she says you’ve found yourself wound up in the wrong kind. We were intrigued as a team on the fence about such matters, so we chatted with her about this and more.
Levister, who is holding a two-day High Tea event in Atlanta on April 2-3 to teach women about manifesting love talked to us about why she’s a strong believer in soul ties, the best way to go about breaking them, and how we can best attract love in our lives.

MadameNoire: First and foremost, I see that you believe in soul ties. Some people are skeptical of the concept and say they’re a way to influence or shame the decisions people make when it comes to sexual partners. What is your stance on that? 

Shay Levister: I do not subscribe to the idea that women should ever feel shame because of past choices or behaviors. We are all here to learn, heal and grow. However, we are more than our bodies. We are spirit beings having a human experience. If you put your hands in wet paint and pull back, paint will be on your hands.  This is the same with our energy when we have sex.

When two people have sex, their souls intertwine. A woman is internal and a man is external. As women, we receive the man’s soul energy. He enters her body and he ejaculates his energy into her. Sexual energy is some of the most powerful creation energy. Napoleon [Hill] dedicates an entire chapter of Think and Grow Rich to the power of using sexual energy to manifest. Therefore, when two people have sex, it can lead to the potential of creating another life. Every time you have sex, you are creating life to a thought even if you aren’t aware of it. The life you are creating is the intentions of the individuals who are connecting. If his intention for the woman he is sexually involved with is negative, he is activating that intention over her as he leaves a part of his energy within her. This is the reason why many women have reported that after having sex with a man, she felt negative feelings, depression, negative thoughts, or behaviors that were not present within her before being with him. We consider this a soul tie. I warned about soul ties not to shame women from having sex with whom they desire, but as a warning so that they are more selective about whom they allow to enter their body.

How do you keep a soul tie from happening?

You cannot have a soul tie with somebody you do not have sex with. You don’t necessarily want to prevent a soul tie.  A soul tie with your soulmate and spouse is a good thing. You want to prevent a soul tie with the wrong person by giving yourself more time to vet the individual and make sure that they are who they are presenting themselves to be and that they have the best intentions for you.

In order to break a soul tie, you must do it on the mental and spiritual plane. That requires that you create a negative mental association with that individual and disconnect the energetic tie that is connecting you to the other person. I have a process and positive mind meditation that I do in my practice for helping someone to accomplish this goal. They can also order my soul tie-breaking bundle.  From my experience, all other techniques can take much longer to effectively break the soul tie. These techniques include prayer, willpower, and using sage to clear your energy.

Shay Levister

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In regards to attracting love, when is an individual best able to do so? What needs to be going on in their life? 

An individual is best ready to attract love when they have worked on removing their love blocks. A love block is any thought, behavior or belief that blocks you from the love that you seek. Examples of love blocks include being resentful of your ex because they broke your heart, thinking that all men cheat, wanting love but being afraid to be disappointed again, and many other thoughts and fears that hinder people from attracting or receiving the love they want. 

Attracting a man is super easy with the right formula. Most people have come in contact with one of their soulmates at some point in their life, but they were not ready to receive them because they did not do the internal work to heal from the inside out. They could not receive their soulmate because they were not ready and could not “see” the individual. Love blocks keep us from “seeing” the love that is before us. It is for this reason that I encourage women to intentionally prepare themselves for the one by doing the work on themselves so that they can become the greatest version of themselves and attract someone who matches that energy.

What can one do if, despite best efforts, they haven’t found love and they’ve been at it for some time? Is that where love blocks come in? 

You know when you are ready for love when you simply enjoy your life to the fullest. You can take yourself out on dates and make yourself happy without feeling the powerful urge to be with someone, but you are still open and receptive to the right one. You are no longer mad at your exes or resent men and your ideas about men and love are not generalized in a negative manner that block you from receiving the love you want. You know that you’re in this place because you feel at peace and ready for the one. You can almost feel him or you are ready to start the process to becoming ready so that you can get to this place.

Learn more about Shay Levister’s work through her website, and follow her on Instagram at @shayyourlovediva.

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