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The last couple of years have been particularly trying for Tamar Braxton. From her fallout with WE tv, to her suicide attempt, and her breakup up with her boyfriend David Adefeso.

I don’t know if enough time has passed for Tamar to process it all. Yet, she recently sat down for an interview with her friend Jason Lee, on Fox Soul, to discuss the ending of that relationship. She addressed rumors about it being abusive and what Tamar believes caused it to end.

The conversation was a bit uncomfortable as Jason was not trying to leave any stone unturned or any one of his opinions about David unexpressed. Still, you may find it interesting to see how Tamar perceived the whole thing. Check out the conversation below.

Jason Lee: You were with David and I’ve been very vocal to you that I was not a fan of David. I had seen the advance tape of the show you did on WE tv and in the first two episodes, it summed everything up that I needed to know about him: controlling, jealous, he wanted to be you. He wanted the recognition. And one thing in particular that I could have snatched up through the f*cking tv was when your ex-husband bought your son, to your house and wanted to tuck him in and the man said to you, ‘Don’t be bringing no n*gga in my house.’ How did you even let yourself get wrapped up in that with him?

Tamar Braxton: You know what? I can’t stand you. I’m a real honest person. And I would be less than a real honest woman to sit here and say all those things about him are true. It’s not true and it’s not fair. And I’ve said that. That’s what I mean about the depiction of reality television and Black people.

Why is it when a man cares about his woman, is concerned about his woman, asks about people that are in her life, protects his woman—why is he called controlling? Why can’t he be looking out for his woman? I don’t really understand that. We all say we want a strong Black man, we want somebody to protect us and love us but when they do that, we openly call them controlling. So what is it that we want?

I didn’t have a bed time. He wasn’t mean or nasty or rude to me. He was amazing to my child. We had a pretty decent relationship and the minute it came on tv is when things started going downhill.

I’m shooting one show and I didn’t know that whole ‘nother show is being shot. I hated the show. I find it to be very disrespectful, disregarding. That show was supposed to show a Black woman and how she picked herself up again, being a single mom, how she started dating again after divorce and creating the life you actually wanted to have for yourself.


Vince’s relationship with David

The reason Vince wasn’t a part of the show was because people weren’t going to be able to help themselves in creating issues between my ex and my ex-husband. We didn’t have those kind of problems. They didn’t argue and fight. Just like any other man, they don’t want another man walking through they house.

Let’s flip the script, had it been David and David’s baby mama came through the house, gave David’s son a bath, I would have an issue with that.

How David handled her suicide attempt

Jason: Right after that situation, I feel like David didn’t even show you the same amount of respect that you’re showing him today when he was seen with some woman that he was allegedly hooking up with when you were right out the hospital.

Tamar: It hurt.

Jason: To me it was messy and disrespectful. Is that the same person you’re describing today?

Tamar: It is. But that’s not my job. It’s not my job to be rude and hateful and nasty because it didn’t work out and hang him out to dry. I think what’s happening in the opinions of everyone, is what’s happening because that’s what someone put out there. But my personal experience with him wasn’t horrible. I can only speak about what happened in our relationship and things were great.

The bruises on Tamar’s arm after the infamous car ride with David

Jason: This photo was a bruise that I believe he put on your arm. I want to make sure that when we protect Black men, although a priority, I want to make sure it’s not done in a way of slighting who you are to other women. So that bruise, he grabbed you on your arm, correct?

Tamar: Ok, so it’s a lot of variables as to why I can’t give you a direct answer. Number one is the legal aspect. I’m just going to be a 1000 with you. That day in the car was a horrible day and it was a lot of emotions. It was a lot happening. And I’m not making excuses for him. But I’m talking about the experience that we both had with suicide and how hard that was for both of us. And how difficult it was for the both of us to figure out what had just transpired in our relationship, in our friendship, in our family. It was very, very hard.

It was probably the worst argument I’ve ever been in my life. But I’m going to tell you that David and I were not in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. But that was the worst argument we’ve ever had in our lives.

The biggest bruise I got from that car ride, I still have. And I still have it because it wasn’t exterior…I really wish I had the tools to have a different conversation with him because at the end of the day, we were really good friends and what we experienced was something that was magical and that’s not the case anymore. I’m not saying that’s what I want it to be. A lot of things have been said and a lot of things have been done. But at the end of the day, I wish him the best on any endeavors that he has.

You can check out this portion of Tamar’s interview in the video below.

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