Gillissha Cox Launched Her Own Clothing Boutique

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Gillissha Cox for AT&T Black Future Makers

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What does it mean to be a Future Maker?

It means following your dreams and your sense of purpose. Gillissha Cox knew early on that fashion was more than a pastime. It was life. In 2017, she founded Kloset Kravingz, a women’s boutique that caters to trendsetters around the world. Becoming an entrepreneur didn’t just happen. Her parents groomed Cox to create a company that serves more than a niche, it  has become a model that resonates with Gillissha’s core demographic.

Kloset Kravingz, the Inglewood, Calif. based brand, transitioned from being an online venture to a brick-and-mortar biz in 2018 and it stands as a fave for local and online shoppers.

Black Future Makers celebrates businesswoman Gillissha Cox and Kloset Kravingz. Find out what she has to say about how her brand is impacting the fashion market and more.


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