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It’s not secret that Kandi and the father of her first daughter, Riley Burruss, Russell “Block” Spencer don’t have the best relationship. In fact, Block and Riley don’t have the greatest relationship either. His absence has been well-documented on the show and Riley herself has called him a “bum father.”

It’s not great.

Recently, Block sat down with B High ATL,  during the chat, he spoke about prioritizing and being a father and grandfather at this point. He said picking and choosing what to put first when you have children because they can end up resenting you later.

Block said, “You got to prioritize. And you gotta know too that once you’re raising kids, you have to raise them in a way where they come back to you. Because sometimes you can raise a kid that says ‘F*ck you.’”

It sounded like Block was speaking from personal experience. Then he continued more specifically.

“Me and all my kids cool except for one of the ones on Housewives.”

B High asked him how he felt having his personal life play out on television.

Block said, “I was tricked to be on that tv show. Because it’s like this. When I was dealing with Kandi, I already had a family. Then I had a daughter inside of that. Then when you go behind my back and tell my girl at home you pregnant, you gotta handle that beef yourself.

What’s right is I’m going to take care of my kid. That’s my responsibility. But if you choose to keep your kid over there and not over here, that’s you. One thing about me, I’m not gon chase you at all. Now, if you want me to put a check in the mail, I did that for 14 years. And when Riley turned 14, her momma like, ‘I’m going to let y’all handle that little bit. Y’all got a relationship. You can handle your business.’

Now, if she was raised up hearing y’all beefing with me and she want to keep her relationship to herself, that’s that. I’m here… I just don’t jump through hula hoops with stuff like that. That’ll never be me.

To me, when your kids don’t live with you, it’s all going to be hard—to raise them the way you want them raised, especially the way I did with her. It was some sideline sh*t. It happened and it got out of control. I got four kids by this one. It’s like I’m not finna go home and hear that bullsh*t over here. Here’s your money. Whenever you need me, I’m here for you. She’s 18 now, she’s going to college now. I wish her well.

I got five other kids. Four by one girl and one by my wife now.”


I can’t tell from his demeanor if he truly believes what he’s saying or if he’s just trying to say anything, acting as if it makes sense when it doesn’t. He says I’m not going to chase you?! Bruh, you not chasing Kandi, you’re chasing the possibility of having a relationship with your daughter. Given the fact that Block doesn’t have a great relationship with Riley, he can’t believe that his decision “not to chase” was the right one to make.

You can watch his comments about his family in the video below.


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