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For some reason, after the death of their mother Shirley Williams, Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy Williams, decided to start a YouTube channel and use it to speak about the grievances he has with his famous sister.

He shared some very personal details about how Wendy behaved in the days and weeks after their mother’s passing. He shared that she didn’t attend her funeral even though her ex-husband did and had subsequently hurt their father in her absence.

The two went back and forth. As we reported earlier, Wendy shared that Tommy needed to chill or she would expose him with receipts long enough to fill her studio.

Well, it seems like Tommy got the message because now, days later, he’s issued an apology to his sister.

See what he had to say below.

“Here I go. Or should I say here I go again. We both end up being losers. Family ends up being losers with this. But there is always redemption. After releasing the video I did last night, I had a long talk and a long prayer. And I’ve come to the bottom line that it’s beyond us. I turns out to be everything that we already know, Wendy, with morals and values.

I was wrong. I was wrong to utilize a platform to levy a conversation, regardless as to whether or not I could reach out to you and get a response. Regardless of whether I thought it was right or wrong how you left Daddy feeling. It was a choice. It was choice you live with, your life. You told me and my wife to get our lives. So, you’re right. I’m going to get my life. I’m going to get my life in order by pulling back, taking the high road, doing what Mommy would want us to do, want me to do. To sleep easy at night, to let mommy rest easy, to keep Daddy happy and uplifted. He deserves that Wendy.

I’ve had time to think. I’ve had time to analyze my actions and realized that my behavior was somewhat selfish. I put my thoughts and my feelings for Daddy ahead of what should be and who was right. When I had my conversation with Daddy, he told me he was disappointed in what I had done. That spoke volumes to me. He asked me not to get out and do anymore negative rants. I promised him. I said I wouldn’t…I told him I was going to respond. You said a lot of things yesterday, you said some comical things yesterday, on your show. Yesterday…Monday’s show, when I was supposed to have been admiring your dress.

Here nor there Wendy, there’s sides of the road and I decided to walk on the shoulder. I don’t want to walk in the middle of the highway. It’s dangerous out there. I don’t want you out there either, Wendy. It’s a rough job you have. You have enough people—strangers, public, bloggers, paparazzi and the likes—it’s a cold world, as Daddy always says, out there, Wendy. And nobody cares. But I have to assume the position of a person who cares. I do care about you. I love you. And I had to take a look at my actions and I was wrong…

These people don’t know me. You know me. I’m a shark, Wendy. And I’ll get out in uncharted waters if I have to but I’d rather be on your side than against you. And for that I’m sorry, I’m grateful. We’ll work this out…Hot Topics shouldn’t be about me. I’m hardly  topic of discussion. So, I guess I’ll see you at the next family reunion or at mommy and daddy’s house, when you come to visit. I’ll see you on the “Wendy Williams Show” or you can see me on my platform. And I do appreciate you and all that you’ve done.”

You can listen to Tommy’s full comments in the video below.

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