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The conversations on “No Jumper” are liable to go anywhere. Whether they’re about sex, groupies, gold-digging or anything else, they’re generally wild and have a tendency to make headlines. But during OT Genasis’ interview on the popular podcast, it wasn’t a conversation as much as it was an unnecessarily hostile conversation, complete with threats of violence against a female journalist.

It began when OT Genasis accused the host, Yassy, of chasing clout.

She responded, “Yo, go to hell. If I wanted clout, I could have gotten that years ago. But that’s not what I was in it for, baby boy.”

That phrasing is what set him off. Immediately afterward, the rapper launched into a rant proclaiming his influence, power and financial status.

OT Genasis: Ain’t a baby boy.

Yassy: Oh yeah, you’re a grown man, you’re 33.

OT Genasis: I sold too much.

Yassy: I don’t care about that.

OT Genasis: I know you don’t. You’re not supposed to care about what I sold and what I’ve done. But let me tell you something, it’s a superstar standing in front of y’all.

Yassy: And I respect that.

OT Genasis: I done got into beef with n*ggas and it been b*tches.

Yassy: Are you a media company? Can we go toe for toe? Do you write stories?

OT Genasis: Do you? What do you do?

Yassy: I write stories.

OT Genasis: What you do? What’s that jacket?

Yassy: It’s Sean John.

OT Genasis: What’s that shirt under you?

Yassy: What do you mean? Pretty Little Thing.

OT Genasis: What’s the earrings that you got on?

Yassy: I don’t remember.

OT Genasis: What’s the shoes you got on? Respect me. I’m on a whole ‘nother level. Don’t do that. Sweetheart, this not junior high school. I’m in the big leagues. I’m in the big leagues. I’m really rich. I’m not your rich or what you look at as rich. Don’t play yourself. Not for no clout.

Yassy: I would never play myself.

OT Genasis: You aint never seen a n*gga disrespect me. Whether it’s the streets or internet, have you ever seen anyone disrespect me? At the end of the day Yassy, you don’t want it to be some cool sh*t that we laughing about and when I leave her, somebody’s on you’re a$$. I’m the joker. I’m the joker in real life. I’m a sweetheart. I won’t touch you, somebody else will.

Yassy: What I do? You brought class into it?

What a mess.

First of all, if this is how OT Genasis acts when he’s drunk, he needs to stay sober. Because I can’t, for the life of me, understand why her saying “baby boy” would warrant her being threatened with violence, no matter who would carry it out.

Furthermore, rich people trying to shame people for not having as much money as them will never go over well with me. There’s no shame in not being rich. Rich doesn’t mean better, more moral, or smarter. If capitalism, this president and this country has taught us anything, it’s that poor people give rich folks everything they have. And that’s certainly the case for the people who’ve supported OT Genasis’ career by buying his music and attending his concerts. Those aren’t rich people.

He should consider showing some respect just from that regard.

And lastly, and this must be said, OT Genasis may be rich. I don’t know. But what he is not is a superstar. Not even close. He’s not an A-list celebrity. He is not a household name. In fact, many people, n included, only know of him because Beyoncé danced to live-instrumentation remixes of his song. Others know him as the father of Malika Haqq’s child. He’s a talented rapper but let’s be clear, superstar he is not.

It’s not like rappers to apologize for their misogyny and disrespect to women. So I’m not expecting OT Genasis to do so. But based on the way be behaved, it would certainly be warranted.

You can watch this interview in the video below.

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