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Zonnique Pullins at REVOLT And AT&T Summit, says it was weird giving birth in front of her boyfriend

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In a clip from today’s episode of Fox Soul’s The Mix, co-host Zonnique Pullins returned from her brief maternity leave after giving birth in December and gave her fellow hosts some slightly strange tidbits about her labor and delivery story. Between being shy about not wanting to “sh-t” in front of her boyfriend during the birthing process, and saying she didn’t think her daughter was “gorgeous” until hours after the birth, the clip overall was quite interesting.

After welcoming the new mother back, and wishing each other a happy new year, the group began asking Zonnqiue about how things have been with her new baby and how motherhood was treating her. She eagerly let them know that the baby was doing well, although she was struggling not to spoil her.

“The baby is just so precious guys. She’s so perfect. Like, I’m spoiling her already, I’m trying not to spoil her but I can’t help it,” she said.  While using airquotes she continued, “I wanna say she ‘looks like me,’ but she’s starting to look a lot like her dad so, sad case.”

After some giggling from the group, and some talk about not being able to get her nails done anymore because “now I really can’t go anywhere” because she can’t find anyone to babysit, Zonnique talked about the delivery going “pretty smooth.” Even though the contractions were admittedly pretty painful, she said getting the epidural helped and encouraged the other ladies to get it when their time comes.

Later, co-host Anton Peeples said, “Okay so you gotta give us the real, real. Tell all the moms out there what the real experience truly is like,”

Zonnique replied, “Uhhh the experience is… it’s really nasty, I’m just going to start there,” she said. “Like I didn’t want to sh-t. The whole time I’m like ‘Don’t sh-t, don’t sh-t,’ because I just don’t like, I don’t even fart in front of my boyfriend. Like, stuff like that is really nasty to me so he’s just watching it and he’s saying little comments and I’m like… It’s just really nasty but it’s a really beautiful experience, you know?”

She also shared her thoughts of her daughter when she first was delivered.

“I don’t like newborn babies. I don’t think they’re pretty when they come out, and everyone was like ‘When your child comes out you’re going to be like ‘She’s so beautiful,”‘ “and I was just like, ‘she’s cute,'” she said. “Like, she first came out and I’m like ‘she’s cute.’ It’s not like she’s giving like, this is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, but as the hours went by I’m like ‘yea she’s gorgeous.'”

This isn’t the first time Zonnique has made provocative statements when it comes to her and her baby. Back in November, she had no problem telling people on the Internet to stop being “fake concerned” about the safety of her and her child. It happened when news of her attending Reginae Carter’s birthday party close to her due date, with her daughter’s father, rapper Badhunta Izzy spread. She responded by asking, “Y’all wanna babysit or pay for a birthday or sum concerned Internet people?”

And even though the couple is still together and the baby has been born, Zonnique shared a while ago that marriage just isn’t the type of commitment she’s looking for right now or anytime soon.

“I don’t really want to get married right now. I feel like that’s an even bigger commitment,” she said in August. “I don’t know. I hate to say that it’s an even bigger commitment than a baby to me, but getting married just seems like so much. Right now that’s not really what I would like to do.”

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