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The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is going to milk this “Strippergate” drama for all its worth, and only one episode has aired so far.

During an interview with Access Hollywood as part of their “Housewives Nightcap” interviews, Kenya Moore was a guest to talk about all things RHOA. One of the topics brought up included the controversy surrounding claims that Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam engaged in some sexual activity either with a stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, or with one another. Only time, and a number of episodes in what is sure to be a lengthy season, will tell.

But Kenya seems very sure that Porsha did something rated R after the party ended, and based on the trailer for Season 13, she seemed hell-bent on getting the truth out there. She still is.

“This is what I say: No one is trying to slut-shame anyone,” she said during the “Housewives Nightcap.” “No one is trying to say you can’t do it. You’re a single person, you can do whatever the hell you want to do. Just don’t lie about it.”

“Don’t do it at work if you don’t want anybody to know,” she added. “If you are in a bedroom in a shared house with the rest of the cast, you should not be doing something that you don’t want people to know on national TV. And you shouldn’t be bringing down other people trying to cover for you either that you claim are you friends. Do what you gotta do but do it at home.”

Kenya took it a step further when she tried to joke about how there’s much more honor than people tend to think in proudly being a “ho” in regards to Porsha.

“At the end of the day, people love a ho, you know what I mean?” she said. “People like hos! They’re funny, they’re outspoken, they live life on the edge. People like a ho. Just be the ho! It’s not a bad job, don’t you think? I mean, people love a ho!”

I could clearly hear her laughing and see her smiling while giving this unwanted advice to Porsha, but it definitely left me shaking my head. As much as I want to root for Kenya, especially with her marital issues and getting the baby she always dreamed of, she tends to go too far a lot of the time. Did Porsha steal her man? Why she felt the need to imply she should embrace a “ho” label I can’t understand. Not to mention, Black women don’t need to get among white women looking to giggle and ki ki about how they think another Black woman is promiscuous — especially not on national television.

Aside from being problematic though, such commentary about her co-star is a tad on the hypocritical side. I do not in any way actually think Kenya is the h-word, but there are people out there who have tried to put that label on the reality star and former pageant queen based on her own behaviors in past seasons, including fraternizing on camera with married men.

There are clips on YouTube from past seasons, Season 5 specifically in Anguilla, where Kenya was on camera, in a group setting with her cast mates, dipping it low on Peter Thomas in front of her then-boyfriend, Walter. Porsha, coincidentally during the scene, then a married woman, said “I can’t do that so…”

Kenya also flirted with a married man during the Anguilla trip while dating Walter, making him blush while saying he was attractive and how Filipinos make “beautiful babies” with Black women.

But nothing could trump her dealings with Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband, Apollo Nida. When they were still married, during Season 5, she tried to joke with Phaedra about her giving permission for Apollo to sleep with a few of her friends as a birthday gift. Phaedra was rightfully offended, saying, “You don’t disrespect nobody marriage asking nothing crazy like that.”

And then there were the moments of Apollo picking her up and throwing her in the pool (while copping a feel) in front of Phaedra after she pushed him in. For her part, Kenya said coyly in her confessional, “I don’t think I was flirting with Apollo. I hope I wasn’t, but there’s no shame in my game…”

Texts followed after that, creating major drama to the point where Apollo tried to lie and say Kenya offered to give him fellatio in order to avoid taking blame for his part in things. The two were also seen having a private conversation away from the rest of the group during a group trip to Mexico, to the confusion of Phaedra and the rest of the cast when they were trying to confront issues over their inappropriate text messages.

As Phaedra said at the time in a confessional, “Some things are off limits, one being people’s husbands. Put some ice in your panties ’cause it’s just not a good look for you.”

Phaedra ended up calling Kenya not just a “ho,” but a “wilted up ho” that season. Kenya disagreed with the label and probably didn’t appreciate being referred to as on the show on more than one occasion. With that in mind, you would think she would understand why it wouldn’t be the best look to call Porsha a “ho.”

Not to mention, as she said herself, Porsha is a single woman. She was a single woman when the bachelorette party took place. And for the record, she hasn’t necessarily denied that anything occurred. In fact, she said the whole situation wasn’t as deep as people, like Kenya, were trying to make it. As she put it, “It was what it was.”

So Kenya may not think she’s attempting to slut-shame Porsha, but she is. She’s on a mission to try and expose Porsha and seeks truth from her about the situation for what? Who cares!? Porsha has no one to answer to now that she’s single, and she certainly doesn’t need to start answering to Kenya of all people. It’s not her business, nor is it a fight she really should want to take on considering she hasn’t been too shy on reality TV herself. So if she wants Porsha to answer for her behaviors, she should be ready to answer for some of her own as well.


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