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For the past several years, self-care has become a buzz word of sorts. Self-care regimens can look dramatically different from one woman to the next. However, one area in which we could all probably do a better job of caring for is the vaginal area. While we have always been advised not to wash our vaginas with anything other than water, which as Healthline points out is “the muscular canal inside the body that the menstrual flow — and babies, during childbirth — passes through,” the vulva is a completely different story. The vulva is “the outer portions around the vagina which includes the inner and outer vaginal lips (labia), the clitoral hood, the clitoris, pubic mound, and the urethra” and it should be washed daily with a gentle cleanser.

“Cleaning the vulva should be a part of your daily hygiene routine,” Sherry Ross, MD, OB-GYN and women’s health expert in Santa Monica, California, told Healthline.

And while warm water can help with basic cleaning, if you want to truly care for your skin down there, you may want to consider investing in feminine care products.

“I think it’s important that we continue to educate ourselves that that area is supposed to have its own thing,” Alikay Naturals founder Rochelle Graham-Campbell told MadameNoire. “You have your body wash for your body, then you also have to separate cleanser that you’re supposed to be using on your face, but growing up so many of us just used one on all three.”

To change that, Graham-Campbell and her husband and business partner, Demond Campbell, added a feminine care line to their beauty brand. “HER by Alikay is our new Alikay Naturals feminine care collection. Our reason for going into feminine care primarily is to make sure that we’re serving our Alikay customer who we’ve already spent the past 11 years focusing on. So we’ve — my husband and I — made sure she has amazing and quality hair care products that are natural and that work — including on kinkier textures. We’ve done bath and body, we’ve done home and so, it was almost like an AHA moment that the next thing that we needed to do for our customer is to serve the most sensitive area on her body.”

her by alikay naturals

Source: Alikay Naturals / Alikay Naturals

When choosing feminine hygiene products, you’ll want to be choosy as some products marketed towards women contain harsh chemicals that can throw off the vagina’s pH, resulting in itching, dryness, odor, and discomfort.

“A lot of feminine care products, especially washes and cleansers, they contain sulfates and harsh surfactants. Surfactants are what is creating the lather, and so just like when it comes to hair care products, everyone is focusing now on being sulfate-free and understanding the importance of that, it’s the same thing with a lot of feminine care products. They’re still using unnatural ingredients and so that throws off a woman’s pH,” Graham-Campbell explained. “Any time you start to experience any changes with odor or itching or any other changes down there, we usually just default to being embarrassed. So we don’t tell anyone, so no one can even say to us, “Oh girl, like maybe it’s because you’re using something that’s too harsh.”
Currently, HER by Alikay offers two products: the Foaming Feminine Wash and the Feminine Refreshing Spray. Each product comes in two versions: regular and sensitive. The sensitive version is fragrance-free while the regular is pineapple-scented. Each version is infused with pineapple enzymes, aloe, and rose water.
“The aloe focuses on soothing irritation and moisturizing dryness. If a woman is going through any itching or dryness down there, it’s able to hydrate the vulva and the skin without throwing off her pH,” shared Graham-Campbell.
And while the cleanser can and should be used directly on the vulva, the Refresher Spray should not.
“The Refresher Spray is for those moments when you’re on the go and you just need a quick refresher,” Graham-Campbell explained. “It’s more so focused as a panty spray. So, we’re trying to educate, customers like, ‘Hey, this should go externally. So we always suggest spraying on your panty. It smells so nice, and yet it’s so refreshing but not overpowering either because you also don’t want everyone knowing like, ‘Oh, wait she must have just you used a panty spray!'”
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