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When Tim Norman was arrested and charged for a murder-for-hire hit on his nephew Andre Montgomery, his ex, reality star Jennifer Williams, said karma was coming back around to get him. She alleged in the past that Norman was crazy and had been stalking her, leading to her obtaining a warrant against him (he got one against her as well). Everyone at the time assumed she was being dramatic, but in the wake of his arrest, many rallied behind her and said she had been right all along.

In a new interview with reality TV producer and friend Carlos King, Williams was asked about her troubled ex, and she opened up about times she was witness to his anger, leading to her desire to get a restraining order.

“Honestly, I wasn’t surprised because I knew he was crazy as hell,” she said of his arrest. “I think I was a little like ‘Damn, your own family?!’ But when I went to get that restraining order against him, the dude was crazy and everybody was like, ‘Oh she’s being extra. She needs a story line,’ blah blah blah. That’s not something you want to have a story line about. To me I was just like, whatever. But I had seen and experienced his rage, his temper, which was one of the reasons why I left him. So when he was stalking me and moved across the street from me and I hadn’t seen this man in months, I was petrified. I was really scared. I knew he was in possession of guns. He’s a convicted felon, you’re not even supposed to have that. So I was nervous, and I knew how crazy he was.”

She said there was even an awkward situation when they were dating and out together, and he flew into a jealous rage.

“We had an incident at Pink Taco where he went absolutely ape-shit crazy. He flipped over tables because this guy was looking at me,” she said. “He sent me all these articles from Google saying my body language, the way my legs was crossed, like I was suggesting to this guy. It was crazy sh-t. I was like, ‘oh no this guy is nuts.'”

“He was like, ‘It was your fault and you crossed your legs and you were giving him signs and you were looking at him.’ I was looking at the TV that was in that direction, but he literally flipped over the table. I mean, it was crazy. I was so embarrassed,” she said. “So when the news came out, yeah, your own family? That’s a little crazy. But I knew he wasn’t all there. So I was like, ‘well, here it is. I’m vindicated once again because everybody thought I was being extra!’ Everybody was like, ‘Not Sweetie Pie’s! He’s on the OWN Network.’That don’t mean sh-t!'”

Overall, she’s glad people are learning about the man she dealt with, and she’s even more glad that people are realizing she didn’t  falsely accuse him of anything just to have a story line on Basketball Wives. 

“This took seven months of my life going to court with him back and forth, living in fear. It cost me $15,000. If I want to blow $15,000 it’s not gonna be on a god—n attorney and going back and forth to court with this crazy muthaf–ka,” she said. “It was so stressful, so for people to say I was using that sh-t as a story line, that’s just stupid to me. Trust me, I’ve been on TV for almost 10 years. If I want to think of a story line, it won’t be that. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.”

Williams and Norman dated briefly in 2016.

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