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I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But men, across racial, religious and ethnic lines, seem to have a problem accepting a woman’s autonomy. We see it in the ways in which they attempt to police our bodies. Sing about having a wet vulva and men are outraged that you’re not being an appropriate examples for young girls. Want to decide you don’t want to bring a child into the world, men want to legislate that choice by banning abortions.

Even things as simple as a woman cutting her hair still gets men all riled up and in a tizzy. Like somehow a woman deciding to cut her hair is her abandoning to appear attractive to men. They act like every decision a woman makes should take some man’s feelings into consideration. And y’all that’s just not how women operate. We make decisions with no one put ourselves and our desires in mind sometimes.

Men tried it again when actress and singer China McClain debuted her new hair cut.

Thankfully, she didn’t take the unwanted criticism laying down.

She responded with a Tik Tok detailing why in most cases, men need to keep their opinion about a woman’s body to themselves.

“Hi! So I’ve seen a lot of men recently, on social media, confronting women about cutting their hair and saying they’re not as beautiful because of it.

And I just want to address it.

First, you never know why a woman decided to make a really big decision like that, unless you ask. Anyway, I did it because I wanted to. But for some people hair can collect a lot of emotional and spiritual things that at some point they just need to get rid of.

And I also can’t help but think about a friend I had in childhood who was forced to cut her hair because she got cancer.

So to just make a blanket statement saying that you’re not as beautiful if your hair is short is really damaging to a lot of women.

And talking directly to my guys right now, I hear a lot of you saying on social media that you want a great, loyal woman. You want a strong woman. But you might be blocking the path to her by putting physical attributes like how long her hair is in front of things that have to do with her actual character.

And to my women, God handcrafted you into a piece of art. And there’s a reason why He made your hair optional. Because you don’t need it to be beautiful and to be everything that He made you to be.

Just some food for thought.”

You can watch McClain’s full message in the video below.

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