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For one reason or another Black, churched folk (which is a lot of us) are obsessed with this idea of submission. Not mutual submission as the Bible states but a woman submitting to a man specifically. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it comes up quite a bit.

Even in nontraditional marriages.

Last week, we watched as Miles and Karen, two strangers, tied the knot. And though nothing about their wedding was “normal,” it still didn’t prevent the topic of submission from coming to the forefront.

After meeting her in-laws on her wedding day, Karen met with Miles’ parents for brunch.

And the conversation was quite interesting.

Monica, Miles’ mother, launched the conversation.

Monica: How do you feel about submission? And not in the S&M perspective, submitting to your husband.

Thankfully, based on her own family dynamics, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Karen: That’s actually how I prefer it because my dad is the head of the household. But I will say…

Monica: Your mother’s the neck.

Karen: I was literally about to say that. I want to be the neck.

Karen: I want it to be like, I trust you to make the decisions…

Monica: Correct.

Karen: …but consider how it’s going to impact us.

Later, Miles’ father shared that his son is very sensitive and takes his role in people’s life very seriously.

Miles’ Dad: He’s very sensitive. He wants to please those that he cares about. It’s very important to him. And he often will get down if he feels like he disappointed them. So those are some things you can keep in mind as you’re informed in terms of how you approach him. Those are really at the core of what he’s all about.

Monica: His heart is very tender and his heart is very precious. His kindness is his weakness or people can mistaken it as a weakness and I don’t ever want that to happen to him…

I’ve already made it clear how much I love my son and how close we are. I get really mama bear-ish. I get over the top a little bit. But it’s very important to me that he is treated with the utmost respect of love and honor. And if you feel you can’t do it, just bring him back and I’ll pick up the rest, pick up the slack.

After the brunch, Karen did peep that Monica is overprotective but she said it reminds her of her mother. She said time will tell how their relationship will impact her marriage to Miles.

Check out how the conversation went down in the video below.


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