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For most of us, keeping up with the days now that we’re four months into quarantine is pretty hopeless. For some, keeping up with showers has also been a no-go, or perhaps I should say a non-factor, with the assumption being you’re not “dirty” since you haven’t left your house.

“I had a patient who was like, ‘I took a shower for you’ the other day,'” Dr. Tiffany Clay, a medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist in Atlanta, said to me laughing during an interview. Just in case you’re wondering where she stands on the matter, she told me, “I do still think we need to wash our face twice a day and take a shower.”

While you may not be dirty, per se, simply moving from your bed to your couch and back again throughout the day, your skin is still performing the same physiological processes it always was, even in the midst of Covid, Dr. Clay explained.

“Every day we are going to shed. Our skin needs to shed those dry skin cells so that we can renew our skin and so that our skin is healthy and glowing. You also want to infuse moisture so, at the least, you should be cleaning the face twice daily and cleansing the body — if not daily, at least every other day.”

Plus there are elements within our own homes that can negatively affect our skin if we don’t tend to it. “A lot of people have been dry lately because we’re stuck inside with forced air, so the air conditioner, the fan, that can evaporate the water on the skin. You definitely want to start with a moisturizing cleanser and back it up with a moisturizer once you get out of the shower.”

Dove White Beauty Bar 4.0 oz 6pk

As a Dove partner, Dr. Clay is a fan of Dove’s Beauty Bar because a quarter of its makeup is a moisturizing cream. “That will already cleanse you, not strip away your natural oils, and actually help to hydrate and moisturize your skin.” The Beauty Bar can also be used on the face and body, which is perfect for low-maintenance types who don’t want to deal with a lot of products. (While we’re talking about Dove and showering, allow me to also direct you to their new Even Tone Antiperspirant which will not only keep you fresh and sweat-free but help reduce the hyperpigmentation we have a tendency to get under our arms as well.)

Still, Dr. Clay warns against being too neglectful when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing. “I think people forget your skin is your biggest organ so it’s important to nourish your skin because internal health can be reflected in your skin.” Also, as she pointed out, even though skincare may seem overwhelming and maybe even excessive to some, your daily regimen can be extremely simple.

“You can do something as simple as taking a shower and washing your face every day –that’s number one, starting off with a clean slate. Nourishing your skin while you’re in the shower –that’s already another step because Dove has the quart of moisturizing cream in it so you’ve already done two things in the shower, you’ve cleansed and you’ve moisturized.”

When you step out of the shower, you should apply a thin layer of lotion while you’re still naked and once you’ve done that you’re pretty much done for the day, Dr. Clay said. “All you would do otherwise is just add on a little sunscreen. So it’s just a simple three steps: cleanse, moisturize, and protect from the sun. That’s it, that’s your basic skincare routine.”

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