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We reported earlier that Kierra Sheard got engaged to Jordan Kelly, a man she’s known since childhood. Now, the 33-year-old sat down with her fiancé to answer questions from her fans. Check out some of the more interesting bits and check out the full interview in the video below.

Are you nervous about your wedding night intimacy?


Kierra: Wait what is the wedding night? No, that’s when I should feel the most free.  He’ll be my husband.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to have kids?

Kierra: Very likely. 10. I want three.

Jordan: I was thinking five. More boys than girls. So they can play sports and sing.

Kierra: I want a whole band.

Will Kierra sing down the aisle?

Kierra: No! You would want me to sing?

Jordan: Nah!

Kierra: Why wouldn’t you want me to sing?

Jordan: I just want you to be happy that day. That’s doing too much. You gotta sing, be cute…

Kierra: Yeah, I would be super nervous too.

Do you think getting married will change your lifestyle?

I think getting married will change it for sure. I think getting married will make me more devoted to him because he’ll be my husband. I saw my mom be—well, both of them– be devoted to each other. That’s what the word says. Our spouse is first or something like that. I have to even ask him, can I consecrate? Can I fast on certain days? And I’ll have to consult with him about certain moves that I make in my career as he will be—what did Sarah say, ‘Abraham is the lord of her home’ so he’ll be my husband.

Jordan: She know that word. She’s a Bible thumper! I know the word but not as good as her. Yeah, I think marriage is going to change our lives but I think for the good though. It’s a blessing to find a wife. It’s a blessing to find a husband. And we appreciate it. It’s been a good journey so far and I think our lives are going to change but I think we’ve prepared for it as long as we keep God first, love on each other, stay under some good counsel, some good wisdom.

Kierra: What about my friends? I don’t think my friendships will change necessarily.

Jordan: My friendships are already changing a little bit. I think because of my transformation. Just being honest, some of my friends they’ll be like, ‘Can I drink around you? Can I do what I want to do around you?’ But I appreciate that respect though, that’s a good change. Ask me first. I might not even want to be around that. I don’t want to go back to nothing that I was doing before. I think that everything I’m doing now is good. You’ve been a big help.

How did they meet?

Kierra: We’ve known each other since we were kids. It goes all the way back to Grandma Mattie and his grandmother Mother Kelly. His mother and my mom grew up together and then we grew up together. We were kind of like raised in the same church.

Jordan: I was cool with her brother. We always been cool. Then my brother opened a church, I went off to school. Then we came back and I kind of started stalking her a little bit. I used to sit behind her in Bible study, not say nothing to her.

Kierra: I told his sister-in-law. I asked her about Jordan. I actually asked my mom and Auntie Jackie first. And um, I think one of them said that he was in a relationship, or was getting married or he was married. So I was like, ‘That’s off.’ Cuz y’all know I don’t play about marriage. Then I think my mom said, ‘I don’t think he’s married.’ Then randomly, I asked Ann what kind of girls do you like.

Jordan: Then she messaged me and was like, ‘Don’t say nothin’ but Kierra asked me what kind of girls do you like.’

Kierra: I asked her what kind of girls does he like and would he date a big woman? That’s what it was.

Jordan: I’m grown. I don’t have a specific type. I just like somebody who love the Lord. That’s about it. Between that time you said that, it was about…

Kierra: Four or five months.

Jordan: She seen me too. She was ducking me too.

Kierra: I was waiting for you to say something. I was like, ‘How dare you know that I have an attraction for you and you take this long to say something to me?’

Jordan: I’m confident in myself but I can be nervous a little bit when it come to you. I think I was more nervous about where I saw it going. I just couldn’t imagine, I’ve known you for a long time so I just couldn’t imagine that it would get to this point.

Kierra: You were not saying nothing. I was so annoyed. I think I even told my dad, ‘He is not saying nothing to me.’

Eventually, Jordan got up the nerve to say something to Kierra when she and her mother were walking to the car one day. He was too close to not say anything. So the two started talking. And it was on from there.

Jordan: People were asking how long did we date?

Kierra: It’s almost been a year.

Jordan: When we first got together, we were honest with each other. We said, ‘I want to be married. I want to have a family.’ So we both have been engaged before. So we both had been down that road. So we knew what we didn’t want and what we did want. So we started on honesty and truth and built on that. We asked each other, ‘Do you think we’re moving kind of fast?’ And it was like no, I like you. You like me.

Kierra: At one point—what did you do that made me so mad? He called himself slowing down.

Jordan: I was like we moving a little too fast. Let me give you some space. She didn’t understand none of that.

Kierra: Why did you do that again? You think it’s hilarious too.

Jordan: Everybody got their own way. That was ours.

Any advice for single women who are still waiting to get engaged?

Kierra: Take your time. Don’t be discouraged. I was telling Jordan somebody prophesied to me that I would get married at 34. And I was 26 at the time. I was so angry at that prophet for telling me I would get married so late. And I’m actually glad that the Lord had—he was sending me like detours just to make sure I wouldn’t go down a certain road. So it took some time. And I think, if I hadn’t gone through those experiences, I don’t know if I would know good if it came to me.

And actually, when I had some time to just enjoy by myself as a single woman, I enjoyed it all. I enjoyed every trip I could. I started building a brand. So just take your time. Don’t hurt yourself by making yourself a wife to a boyfriend. I’ve done that. Hang in there. It will come. It’s easier said than done but I had to take my focus off whether or not I would be married. I had to say, ‘You know what, marriage is not the end all be all. The end all can be you becoming this super confident, happy and secure woman. Because there are some insecure women in a marriage and they’re miserable.’ So I was like, I just need to get complete all by myself first. I don’t have all the answers but take your time.”

You can watch the full question and answer session in the video below.



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