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why are people moving to the suburbs

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There comes in a time in many individuals’ lives when they just no longer crave the hustle and bustle of the city. City life certainly has its benefits, and, I think it can be good for everyone to experience it for at least a brief period of their life. The city offers so much. There is no lack of career opportunities. You can immerse yourself in almost any culture or experience you want. Honestly, I think a lot of people discover who they are in the city. I did. You need to sample everything to know what works for you. Joint that club. Run with that crew. Sample all of those cuisines. Get in the messy and beautiful mangled work of art that is city life. I worry about those who only live in small towns forever – I worry they never give themselves the chance to figure out who they would be, if they got the chance to have a variety of experiences. But, once you’re done with city life, you’re done. When you’ve reaped all of the benefits and you no longer take much joy in those, then you’re just bothered by the cons of city life. Of which there are, of course, many. You’ll start to feel that itch. Here are signs you’re ready to leave the city for the suburbs.


You hear sirens in your sleep

To live in a city means to always hear a siren or a honking horn or a construction crane or a car alarm somewhere. It could be right outside your window, or it could be a mile away. Or it could be every block, between those two points. But you always hear it. If you’re starting to hear these sounds in your sleep, like they’re haunting you, it could be time to get out of there.

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