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Nearly three years ago, a particular episode of “Insecure” had the streets talking about Black women, sexuality, and whether or not we’d evolved into not only gleefully giving head but accepting the messiness that sometimes comes along with it.

You may remember that in a scene where Issa was performing fellatio on Daniel, he warned her that he was about to cum. She attempts to move her head, he held it down and some of his ejaculate landed in her eye.

And chile Issa was UPset. She pushed Daniel away from her and stormed out of his place, holding a wet cloth over her eye as she took an Uber (Pool) back to her apartment.

I found it hilarious and an accurate reflection of the way I would have behaved in a similar situation. I believe in communication before, during and after sex. And discussions about where you’re going to drop your bodily fluids on my body is a part of that. But there were those who argued that the conversation about head and Issa’s reaction to the eye wash was immature and even outdated in the ways in which Black women’s ideals had changed in the past decade or so.

Apparently, the discussion was still top of mind for the women of Lip Service.

During an interview with Issa, they asked her about that scene as well as her personal preference for where cum should be deposited.

Check out the conversation below.

Angela Yee: You got a lot of backlash—and on Lip Service you got a lot of backlash too–for not liking cum on your face.

Issa: Laughs

Lore’l: Yeah, we didn’t understand your problem.

Gigi Maguire: That’s one of my favorite places for it to go. So I was like girl, why? It’s better there than inside.

Issa: She was dealing with an accumulation. She’s not about that hoe life like she thought she was. And it was an accumulation of what she felt like was disrespect. Things were not going her way. So that happening was like, ‘Okay, uhht uhh. It got in my eye.’ It was too much for her to handle and she felt like it was vindictive. I think she wasn’t ready to be about that life.

Lore’l: How do you feel about cum on your face though? You Issa. Not Issa “Insecure.”

Issa: I’m not a fan of it on my face. I don’t like it on any parts of my body. I would rather it be inside at all costs. I’m fine with that. I’m not about the Oil of Olay. I have lotion. I’m good.

You can watch Issa’s full Lip Service interview in the video below.



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