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Love and Hip Hop (formerly Hollywood, presently Atlanta) star Alexis Skyy can take a lot of the criticism she gets from people online, but she shared that she was initially very upset to see the cruel things people were saying about her daughter, Alaiya.

Back in 2018, she gave birth to the now 2-year-old three months early, delivering Alaiya via c-section at a little over a pound. The child was diagnosed with the condition hydrocephalus, which is when cerebrospinal fluid accumulates within the brain. It can cause seizures, slow growth, restricted movements and many other difficulties for, most often, babies and older individuals. Many of the comments have come from people the reality personality has bickered with publicly, those who question the paternity of her child, as well as from the comment sections of other social media pages who post about her daughter. It’s enough to make anyone truly furious, but Alexis said she learned to tune those individuals out.

“I don’t really let the Internet get to me. At first it did bother me, but I just learned to kind of just block it out because it’s disgusting,” she said in an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked on IG Live recently. “She’s a baby. If you’re that evil to talk about a kid or what I went through, you’re just an evil person. So I just learned to just tune that part out. But it was hard, I’m not going to lie. It was hard in the beginning to deal with it.”

“But now I just have this barrier up,” she said. “Like Alaiya, I know she’s strong, She’s a fighter. She motivates me every day. So to just see her striving, to help her, that’s my job as a mother, to make sure she’s good.”

When Jason called her a miracle baby, Alexis agreed, noting that her child has made some great progress already despite what she’s been through.

“She definitely is, and she strives. That’s what motivates me, to see her just going harder and harder,” she said. “She doesn’t give up, you know what I mean? She’s not just sitting here not walking, not trying to talk. She’s trying her best.”

Alaiya has had four brain surgeries since she was born, and Alexis has always been vocal in her joy over how far her daughter has come, despite whatever other people might say.

“I love you so much alaiya being your mother is the best thing that happen [sic] to me,” she said in December on Instagram. “I’m always on the go working I wish I can be there every second but mommy is making a better life for you every second I can every new door that opens just know it’s for you it breaks my heart that I can barely share moments like this cause people are so sick and Evil.”

“Just know that you are beautiful and my little fighter. Everything I do is for you,” she added. “I want to make sure I give you everything in life that you need , you had 4 brain surgeries the doctor told us you wasn’t [sic] going to be able to do a lot of things and here you are now .. almost walking and you got this I’m thankful for my grandma and my mother for helping me raise you it’s not easy it’s [sic] night I feel like giving up but I can’t I have a purpose , you are my purpose my butterfly my angel my world alaiya grace.”

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