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Talking about the ‘birds and the bees’ can be a tough conversation for any father to broach with his daughter. T. I. recently showed the public how the mismanagement of a delicate conversation around sex can be both damaging and devastating to a young girl. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to talk to other fathers on how they plan to have the sex talk with their daughters.

Fathers Post

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Cai Irias|29|@thebrotherlyfox

“It’s probably any dad’s biggest anxiety: the talk. My daughter is brilliant and figures things out quickly, one of my biggest challenges was explaining things and introducing concepts of sex and love in an age appropriate manner. There comes a day when she realizes that the stork isn’t delivering her baby cousins, when she walks in on mommy and daddy being intimate, and when she requires a more serious conversation of private parts and how people are to respect her and not touch her inappropriately. I do my best of handling those talks as the opportunities present themselves with the utmost care. That said, I made it a point to have my wife explain periods, because God knows I’m not ready for that one!”

Fathers post

Source: Fathers post / Fathers post

Wayne Pryor Jr|32|@waynep0617

“When the time comes to talk to my daughter about the birds and the bees I am going to inform her of safety first.  I don’t want to just teach abstinence which will more than likely provoke her into the act. First, I will let her know the Christian stand point on how sex is meant for a husband and wife. How it causes confusion of the mind and how you can take on spirits of your partner. Also, I will let her know from the experience her mom and I had on not waiting for the right one. She will know that sex is sacred and special. So why not take in a spirit that you truly know and love. I want my daughter to wait until she has a man that treats her as a queen and honestly values her. When that time comes I hope she does the right thing and not regret it! Honestly I hope I’m not alive (just kidding!)Just my two cents!”

Fathers post

Source: Fathers post / Fathers post

Joshua Walker|29|@unclewalk

“There is only so much that I can tell her regarding relationships because our experiences will be completely different so it’s important to me to yield certain parts of that conversation to her mother and I have no issues with that.I’m not speaking on her body, or what she should be doing with it. My job is to create a safe space so that she can come to me without fear of judgment. She is going to be receiving info from peers, social media, and television. The messages they will communicate with be conflicting and unregulated.I’m here to help her separate the “wheat from the chaff” not dictate. She needs a father who is going to help fortify her sense of agency and ownership and you can’t do that and control your kid at the same time. You can’t do that without being open to the context and nuances of her individual life.”


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