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Apple Watts

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There comes a time when you get too old to have people in your circle who want to fight all of the time. There just has to be a better way.

During last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, legendary rapper Yo-Yo held a party to celebrate the release of her new single, “Out of Control.” There were plenty of people in the space who don’t and probably didn’t have the best relationship, including Lyrica Anderson and Brittany B., but they were able to co-exist without issues. However, all it took was the arrival of controversial rapper Summer Bunni to turn things upside down.

Bunni had an improper sexual relationship with Anderson’s husband, A1, when the couple were going through their issues, and for some reason, she hasn’t had much remorse about it when speaking to Anderson. In fact, she had a pretty terrible attitude when the women were in the same space to talk earlier in Season 6 about everything. However, it was Anderson’s friend and cast mate, Apple Watts, who seemed to have the biggest issue of all with Bunni when she showed up at Yo-Yo’s event. Granted, the women had an issue earlier in the season, but it was because Watts confronted Bunni about her habit of involving herself with married men, including A1. It wasn’t her business, but hey, she was trying to look out for a friend.

But last night’s display from Watts was a lot when it comes to displays of loyalty.

She somehow received an alert that Bunni was outside of Yo-Yo’s event (because Yo-Yo had invited her), and automatically acted as though it was time to go to war. She took off her heels and at one point, even pulled off her lacefront wig.

“I’m about to go outside and beat a b—h a–.”

Her co-stars tried to calm her down, but she was dead set on fighting. She took off her earrings, went to A1 and Lyrica, who were peacefully in the corner, and then alerted them of the presence of A1’s former mistress, then getting her riled up as her husband tried to calm her down. A party that was meant to celebrate something positive in the long career of Yo-Yo then turned into an attempt to keep grown people from getting physical.

“She ready! She act like she ready, so let’s do this,” Watts said to Anderson about their shared foe. “Like on God, let’s play with this real ni–a sh-t!”

In reality though, Bunni wasn’t there to fight. She was trying to get in the party and was refused entry by security, despite being invited, and people had to keep Watts from going outside. Though not a sympathetic character, Bunni ended up in tears, and somehow, blamed Anderson for allowing her to be talked about and embarrassed, including outside of the party.

As for Anderson, she ended up getting a battery pumped in her back to talk crazy as her husband tried to keep her out of the ruckus. She even thanked her friend for letting her know what was going on. In reality, Watts went around to just about everybody she could inside the party and yelled about how Bunni was trying to be on some “sneak sh-t.” It created a mess and ruined a peaceful situation. The one person who tried to get her to calm down and remind her that the battle was not hers to fight, co-star, Tricia Ana, ended up getting yelled at for trying to keep folks out of jail. Mess.

Everyone involved, with the exception of Bunni, have children, they work in music, and they’re too grown. I get that it’s reality TV and it can’t function without conflict, but some of the conflict, like the most recent display, is simply ridiculous.

Nevertheless, Anderson made it clear that she’s thankful for Watts having her back and being ready to go from 0 to 100. “Apple goes Watts,” she said. “She goes Watts on that a–.” People online agreed, saying she’s a must-have friend. The 30-year-old singer said of her friend, “I f–k with her,” but I couldn’t help but think, sis, these aren’t the friends you need.

Honestly, if Bunni had come into the place looking for trouble, throwing drinks or making it clear that she wanted to have drama with Anderson, if Watts wanted to step in to protect her friend, that would be admirable. However, the young lady was outside the whole time. She never had a chance to do anything but argue with security who wouldn’t let her in and cry to Yo-Yo. Things were copacetic and Watts brought a ruckus, and riled up Anderson about a situation that could have been uncomfortable at most, but truly wasn’t that deep.

It reminded me of people in high school who would go from having the backs of their friends, choosing not to be friendly with an individual that their friend had issues with, to literally being angrier than their friend about some drama that doesn’t involve them. It’s sweet, I guess, but the intensity needs to be brought down quite a few notches. Not everything is worth fighting over, or even arguing about, and the older you get, with the more you have to lose, the easier that should be for people to realize. However, when you surround yourself with people who may mean well but really just get you knee-deep in trouble, the chaos is treated like it’s normal. It shouldn’t be.

I like Apple Watts’s personality, and I admire what she’s managed to overcome. She’s certainly still a work in progress like the rest of us. And while we all need people in our corner, we don’t need people who bring the drama to our doorstep. It makes them more of a liability as a friend than an asset. She may mean well, but if she can’t learn to be unbothered from time to time, she’s one of those friends you’ll need to leave at home — and behind.

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