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Wendy Williams and Eric B.

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Over time, Wendy Williams is slowly teasing more and more details from her upcoming biopic. Yesterday, during her Hot Topics segment, she was speaking about rapper Rakim calling her at home one evening. The discussion about Rakim, lead into her chatting about his DJ and partner Eric B. and the recent legal trouble he’s found himself in.

Wendy said, “Ra, it’s so weird that we talked last night because I had no idea this morning that we were going to be talking about Eric B. I never really knew Ra back in the day, I knew Eric B intimately. It will play out in my Lifetime movie. A couple of severe things happened to me while I was involved with Eric B. Life lessons and you’ll see it because the movie is a teachable moment. While it will be very dramatic, it’s a teachable moment.”

When she shared that he spent his 56th birthday in jail, the audience offered sympathy. But Wendy responded, ‘Don’t say aww not when you find out what he did to me… Eric, you did me dirty and it’ll all play out on Lifetime.”

Her discussion about Eric B. and Rakim begins around the 12:23 mark.


She left it there on the show but during an old interview from 1999, Wendy went into some of the things he did to her and some of the things she allowed to be done.

See what she said in the transcript and video below.

Wendy: “He was cute at the time, the ponytail, all that gold jewelry. Here’s the thing—and we all go through this. First of all, I never had a home number. It was always pagers and mind you, we dated for over a year. Of course he had other women. This was eight years ago. And eight years ago, I was still on top of my game in the radio career. So I really can’t figure out why I was this stupid. I was making pretty decent money. I was Queen of the Radio and I don’t know why I accepted it. It wasn’t like I was some scrub who had to take this from a man.

Although we used to have good times together and go out on some great dates and stuff, a lot of his visits to my apartment would be like after two o’ clock in the morning. But I would accept it because rappers in the studio. But I also know they use that a lot in terms of cheating.

And the third thing and the most vile thing is that he never used condoms and I accepted that…He used to jet to Atlantic City and go to Vegas and most of the time it was me paying for it, believe it or not. I know, I know!

Let me just add one more thing to make me the ultimate sucker. I was always forced to go down town. Wait hold on, and he would never go down town not even once. And not only that, it would be happening at 3’o clock in the morning after a beeper call. Often times people have me twisted into this wild woman who might be strong and bossy but we all have our weaknesses. We all have our stupid stories from our past. And I’m just thankful that I’ve smartened up. I’m leading a much better life. And do you know what he’s doing? I don’t know.”

Welp. I’m sure there’s even more that will be included in the movie. But even if it isn’t, we’re certainly be tuning in to watch this play out. You can listen to this portion of Wendy’s interview in the video below.


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