Clothes That Are Almost Always A Waste Of Money

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I hit a point when I was done wasting money on certain clothes that had burnt me time and time again. We all have those items that we allow to trick us repeatedly. We so badly want them to work, because they look so cute on the mannequin, or in a magazine we saw. Or they encapsulate some life we wish we led. Or they are just such a damn good deal that it seems dumb not to buy them. But then they’re not a good deal because they either fall apart or leave us feeling uncomfortable in some way. A lot of women’s clothes are just a scam, don’t you think? I swear they make them such that we have to donate them every year, so we have to keep buying more. I’m through with it. Here are clothes that are almost always a waste of money.


Cheap workout pants that don’t breathe

Workout pants aren’t really supposed to cost $7. When you’re moving your body like that and sweating, you put your fabrics through a lot, and you need high-quality, moisture-wicking items that can keep up. The cheap workout pants do not breathe, and can be one of the issues that leave you with a UTI.



Synthetic undies

When it comes to underwear, always go with natural fabrics. It should be only the best for your va-jay-jay (and other sensitive areas). Going synthetic on undies can also mean moisture gets trapped and you face issues like bacterial infections and UTIs.


Underwire bras

It’s time to ditch underwire bras. They always bust through the fabric, wind up stabbing us, and become useless. Know how to find a quality bra, and know there are so many technologies now besides underwire that provide support.



Daisy dukes

I’ve never had a pair of daisy dukes last me more than one year. Just one wash means they begin riding up, leaving my butt cheeks exposed when I sit down and giving me a front wedgy. The entire way they are designed just pulls the fabric up your va-jay-jay.


Rigid jeans

I only buy jeans that have some percentage of spandex built-in. One hundred percent denim means 100 percent I cannot wear them if I gain three pounds. They make me feel pudgy when I am not, and I don’t appreciate that from my clothes.


Anything trendy

If it’s suddenly everywhere, it will likely be nowhere in six to eight months, and very annoying. Need I remind us all of those knee-high gladiator sandals everyone was wearing just last summer, looking like they were going into battle This is Sparta! Style.


T-shirts with words

Whatever the words are, you will be sick of them within the year. Whether it’s a trendy political phrase or a saying from a TV show, the shirt will be useless come New Year’s Eve.


White bottoms

It’s simply impossible to keep white pants or a white skirt clean. And when you get a teeny, tiny stain on a white bottom, it looks ridiculous. Everybody sees it. It’s what their eyes immediately go to.


Anything with plastic buttons

I’ve started looking at the buttons on things like blazers and shorts. If they are those big, plastic buttons, I don’t buy it. Those crack in half and break off after a few wears, and I’m stuck playing seamstress if I want to use the item again.


Something you plan on hemming

If I will need to hem it in order to wear it, I will never wear it because I will never get around to hemming it.


Tops that don’t support bras

If the words, “How am I supposed to wear this?” come out of my mouth, I just don’t buy it. And that’s the case for a lot of sheer, backless tops. They won’t support a bra of any kind, and yet, they show my nipples as bright as day.


Comfortable sports bras

Sports bras shouldn’t cause you pain, but if you can’t tell yours is even there, you aren’t getting support. A sports bra should provide some compression if it’s going to provide support. I just don’t purchase “sports bras” from companies and brands that don’t actually produce sports apparel. Those are just glorified bathing suit tops.


Anything crochet

You won’t wear it. You won’t. Maybe to one music festival. Other than that, you’ll feel ridiculous in it. And every single bangle or hook will snag onto it, stretching the holes out.


Anything hard to pee in

If you need to undo a clasp, unhook a hook, take down two zippers, and open several buttons, just to pee, you just won’t wear it. In the process of putting it on, you’ll realize that taking it off to pee will be a nightmare all night, so you ditch it.


If it requires a special scenario

If a very special and unlikely scenario would have to occur in order for you to wear it, don’t buy it. Trust me: I have a few too many items in my closet that I purchased, “In case anybody every invited me to go yachting in the Bahamas.”

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