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Keith and Iris

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While we were quick to declare last week that Greg Okotie and Keith Manley are the best Black husbands who have been featured on Married at First Sight over the years, according to Manley’s wife, Iris Caldwell, there are some issues he has with her that he’s sharing with with everyone but her, and it’s “baffling.”

Iris brought this up during an episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, which allowed she, and a couple of her cast mates (Jamie and Matt) to comment on clips from episode 10. That was the episode in which she and Keith played the dice game that she wasn’t really comfortable with and wouldn’t fully participate in.

“So on the dice it has ‘lick, touch, feel, kiss, blow,’ and some of it didn’t correlate,” she told host Jamie Otis. “It would say, ‘blow lips.’ Like, what does that mean? Or it would say ‘Lick toe.’ I’m not going to lick his feet. Like, just not going to happen.”

When asked how she felt about him saying during the episode to Pastor Cal that he didn’t find her sexually mature because of such behavior, and therefore, was struggling with his sexual attraction to her, she said she found that unfair.

“Based off of a rolling dice game you’re judging me because I don’t want to play or don’t want to lick your foot or whatever it may be,” she said.

“That to me is so baffling. I don’t think it’s valid for him to say that I’m sexually immature based off of a dice game,” she added. “I don’t know why he just hasn’t said any of this to me yet. We need to have a conversation about how you’re really feeling, Keith, because right now you’re closing me out of being able to help fix this marriage.”

Speaking of closing people out, because she does seem to be a tad closed off sexually, Iris was asked to share what she thinks actually gets her in the mood. She said it’s all about the swag.

“Someone’s personality, their swagger,” she said. “Keith’s confidence when he walks in a room, how he handles himself, that to me is beautiful to see. It’s just like, ‘Oh man!’ He even coming home from work just walking in is just like, ‘Whew! My husband just got home and he looks sexy doing it!'”

With that being said, it wasn’t hard for Iris to find enjoyment in buying the edible body glitter later on in episode 10 and licking it off of Keith’s body.

“I felt comfortable doing that. That was something where I could place it where I would like to or place it where he would like to where we were both in control of that,” she said. “To me, the dice game is telling us what to do and I want things to be very organic.”

“That felt good. I’ve always had it inside of me, that’s what y’all are missing,” she added. “Like, I’ve always had that. It literally is just like, what exactly is it that’s going to bring it out or what activity or what are we going to do? That’s been ready to kind of boil out of Iris for a while.”

Though annoyed about that sexual immaturity comment, Iris is feeling pretty good about the chances of she and Keith consummating their marriage at some point soon — especially if the edible body glitter is involved.

“Again, this was on our own terms,” she said of where their licking sessions could go. “This was something that me and him created for ourselves together that we can kind of ease into.”

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