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In a recent upload on her YouTube channel, Adrienne Houghton spoke about her faith journey. She shared details of what it was like growing up in a conservative, Pentecostal family, the role the church played during her early development and so much more. Eventually, she spoke about the effect her faith had on her career and how it positively and negatively impacted her romantic relationships. She also had a word for the Christians who may feel that she’s not living right. See what she had to say below.

The role faith has played in her life 

My faith has absolutely helped guide me in my life. I think ultimately that’s what it comes down to. My faith and my religion and my relationship with Christ comes down to his ultimate love for us, which was dying on the cross. And I want to be a reflection of that kind of love every single day of my life. I think it makes my life better. It makes me be a better person. It makes me be a better wife, the fact that I don’t just answer to my husband but I answer to God in everything that I do. It makes me be conscious of the decisions that I make. Am I being good to people? Am I being kind to people? Am I serving my community? Also giving glory to God and realizing that every blessing, every gift that I’ve been given in this life directly comes from God. I don’t get blessed because I’m just so amazing. No, I truly believe that my grandmother’s prayers, my mother’s prayers, there’s been generations of blessings. Ultimately God is good. God is real.

I love music so obviously I was drawn to worship music. There’s nothing better than coming down the steps and hearing my husband being on the piano and worshipping  God.


Past relationships

It was really important to me to marry somebody with the same faith as me but I didn’t realize that and I wasn’t conscious about that. Because I had dated people before that didn’t attend church and later on in the relationship it became a weird spot for us cuz I’d be like, ‘Hey, I really want to go to church’ or I’d want to listen to worship music.’ And they’d be like ‘Eeh’ not so into that. So that was extremely important for me. I think it’s beautiful to be able to bond over something like that.

One of the things Israel and I bonded over when we were friends was the fact that we both grew up in churches that sang corritos. Corritos are Spanish hymns. And I’d be like, ‘Wait what?! How do you know those songs?’ There’s so many of those songs that are so nostalgic for me and that blessed my life as a child. And I think us having such a similar upbringing give us something really awesome to connect about, to laugh about, to be nostalgic about, to discuss.

That was really, really important to me. And I just feel really, really blessed to have someone in my life that I can pray with, someone that prays over me. Someone that covers me, that I can worship with. I just think that that’s so special. That means so much to me.


Christian critics

My answer to people who want to be controversial or think that I’m controversial or that think that I don’t represent a perfect Christian, my answer to that is please pray for me. We’re all a work in progress. We’re all under construction. But more than that, I don’t think that that is the best reflection of Jesus. I think that while you’re attacking someone else and their walk of life and what they do or what they don’t do, think about what would Jesus do. I think that thee most important thing to remember is that Jesus is love. And even if you are going to reprimand somebody or correct somebody that you do it with love. Doing it in a comment on Instagram probably not the most loving way to do it, maybe a DM, maybe in private. Maybe in your private time with God bring me up in your prayers. “Lord, Adrienne’s out there. I don’t agree with what she wore today. Maybe convict her. Maybe put that in her heart…’ Whatever it is. That to me seems like a better route than bashing someone. I don’t believe that that’s Christlike.

So many different questions of drinking wine or listening to worldly music. Some people it doesn’t affect their walk with Christ, other people it does. At the end of the day, it’s about your heart and your relationship with Christ. That’s between you and Jesus. That don’t have nothing to do with me. I’m on my path, you’re on yours. I felt like if we all did that a bit more and joined mind your business ministries, that’s where the love of Christ really is.



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