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meeting a black man

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I have several female friends who are in their late twenties. When they tell me they are going on a date with a man who is their same age, I say, “Don’t do it.” And I really mean it. It’s funny because when I was in my early twenties I thought men in their late twenties had it all figured out. I thought they were so mature. They were beyond entry-level jobs and had perhaps already had one serious girlfriend whom they even lived with. These are grown men I said to myself. Now, well into my thirties, I see that any man under the age of 35 is mostly still a boy. It is just what our society encourages. Men are encouraged to sleep around throughout their twenties. They are encouraged to shirk responsibilities. I can’t believe I ever thought that a relationship would work out with a man in his late twenties when I was in my twenties. If you meat a man under the age of 35, just know that he probably hasn’t acquired all of the wisdom it takes to be a generous partner and a responsible human being. Not quite yet. And if you are out there looking, might I suggest that about 35 to 38 is the perfect age to meet a man. Any younger, they are still boys. Any older, you may face some other issues.


The young man wants to spread his seed

Men are all about novelty. They want to know what it is like to sleep with a lot of people. Women may not have as much as an urge. Maybe it’s because sex just isn’t as great for us as it is for men. Or maybe because we need that emotional connection to enjoy sex, so the desire doesn’t come up as often. But a young man probably won’t settle down until he has “spread his seed,” for lack of better words.

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