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I’m just now paying for some of the damage I caused my body in my twenties. In fact, I’ve had two doctor’s visits over new symptoms in which my doctor pretty much pinpointed old habits as the cause of my current problem. Sometimes, it takes a while for the consequences of our neglect to show up but it will show up. Your twenties are particularly sneaky that way because your body is so resilient…or so it seems. You may not pay the price for unhealthy choices the next day or the next week, but some habits slowly add up and then—bam—hit you with some terrible symptoms years later. Some don’t even build slowly. They give you no notice at all, going from zero to 100. If you are in your twenties, and making decisions about your health, don’t ask yourself, “How will I feel about this tomorrow?” Ask yourself, “How will this affect me in 10 years?” Because it will. Here are health choices you make in your twenties that you’ll either be grateful for later, or regret.

healthy living activities

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Regret: Excessive weeknight drinking

It seems in your twenties, the very fact that it’s 5 o’clock serves as a reason to drink. You mindlessly blitz through a few beers between pre-dinner snacks and your after-dinner TV shows. But that will show up in your skin later, making wrinkles speed up and prematurely aging you. It could also set you up for mild alcohol dependency.

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