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Actress Parker McKenna Posey, best known for her role as Kady on “My Wife and Kids,” found herself in headlines when her relationship with YouTube star Chris Sails went sour and he was accused of putting his hands on her, resulting in a black eye. Photos of McKenna’s face after the alleged incident made their way to the internet and the whole thing became a big story, particularly when Sails came forward to defend himself against the picture.

During a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, McKenna Posey couldn’t speak too much about the details of the physical altercation but she did share the nature of the relationship beforehand, the red flags she recognizes now and what she learned now that it’s over.

See what she had to say about all of it below.

Parker McKenna Posey: It is what it is. We definitely had a relationship. I literally put my life on hold to move out there. For the wrong person. All of the people that I dated and I choose this guy to go off f*cking pack up all my shit and— I’m still getting my stuff out of storage in Houston, still to this day. It’s just funny how life works.

Melyssa Ford: Did Queen Naija send you an SOS?

Parker: No, she didn’t send me an SOS. Plenty of people did before and my little self was like— I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me.

Melyssa: You wanted to see the best in him.

Parker: Yeah I did! I wanted to see the best in him. And I’m such that person. I really do try to see the best in others. But I don’t know because I’ve dealt with many other guys and I was like, ‘No, n*gga.’ But for some reason, I don’t know how he hooked me.

DJ Damage: Do you think it was manipulation on his part or poor decisions on your part?

Parker: Definitely both.

Jason: I reached out to Chris and he said basically you all were hanging out and there was alcohol involved and basically you got out of control and he became the victim. He said there was a lot going on in front of his son and he felt like he needed to protect himself.

Parker: I can’t give too many details but I can just say that that’s a lie and I’ll just leave it at that. Even if, let’s just remove me from the situation. Let’s remove him from the situation. Let’s just say that you guys are drinking or smoking. That should never lead you to put your hands on anybody. That’s just period. I don’t drink and smoke at all anymore. This is a new thing for me. I just want to live a cleaner, healthier life.

DJ Damage: What do you say to people who’ve seen videos of you being maybe the aggressor or playing rough with him…

Parker: They’re talking about pranks and I’m sorry I hate to say it but all of those pranks are fake guys.

Jason: What was the lesson you walked away with after that relationship?

Parker: I came out of that relationship really having to relearn to love myself all over again. Because for some reason, it was completely gone. I’ve never been that kind of person. Even the way I looked. When things just started happening, I just let myself go and I didn’t care about anything. I was skinny. I’m not even super thick but I have meat on my bones. And when I look back on pictures of myself, I’m like Jesus Christ, who was that person and what was she really going through?

Melyssa: Was the relationship toxic in terms of emotionally or at least verbally abusive?

Parker: Yes, definitely. I can honestly say that I just don’t think that we were good for each other. We just weren’t a good fit. And you know especially when you have so many eyes on you, you’re just trying to make it work. 

Thats another thing I took from it. I was like f*ck that. realized who the f*ck I was. I wasn’t born to take care of this person or make this person love themselves or love me. And that’s another thing I realized if that person doesn’t love themselves, it’s impossible to have a relationship with them.

Jason: Were you there right after his other relationship ended? Were you his emotional crutch?

Melyssa: Maybe he’s the kind of guy who just can’t be alone…

Parker: He definitely is. I hate even talking about him like this. It’s terrible. Listen, I understand. I’m a relationship person too but I definitely think it’s healthy to have a break and focus on yourself, focus on your family or whatever you need to do to get by. You don’t have to jump from person to person. It just happens. We’re young.

I’m not single. I am in an amazing relationship with the most amazing person. He was my only boyfriend in high school. My family loves him. I’m usually like that too. I don’t do redos. After every single relationship that I’ve had, I always come back to him. The longest I’ve been single…there’s nothing out here for me. These n*ggas are lame. I wanted JJ and I got him.

You can watch her full interview with Hollywood Unlocked in the video below.


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