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I can't even sleep through this pain

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Right after you have an incredible orgasm, the last thing you want to feel is sick. But nausea post sex is a real thing for many women. If you have experienced an upset stomach right after intercourse, it may be caused by these things, according to Women’s Health.

Deep Penetration 

Is your partner a little, ahem….long? Going deep can be pleasurable but can also literally rattle your insides.

“Deep penetration manipulates the pelvic organs—like the uterus and cervix, specifically,” Erin Carey, MD, an assistant professor and the director of University of North Carolina’s Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery division told Women’s Health. “And any manipulation of that cervix can [result in] a vagal response, which can cause nausea.”

Motion Sickness

This one is a little shocking, but you can get motion sickness from sex the same way you would from a car or a plane. The up and down motions can shake your stomach up the same way rocking on a boat disturbs your equilibrium. Take your time with your partner, it may help relieve the queasiness.


Orgasms causing nausea is an unexpected downside, but “the uterus contracts [during] orgasms,” Carey said of the phenomenon. Even though it’s uncomfortable, it’s not uncommon. Taking advil or ibuprofen may help.

“I recommend these patients take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen, before they have intercourse and orgasms to block that response,” Carey advises.

Fibroids Or An Ovarian Cyst

Nausea could be an indicator of a deeper problem–if your sexual partner is stroking a fibroid or cyst, it may be causing ripple effect in your body.

That sick feeling may come from penetration “irritating an ovarian cyst or hitting a fibroid or hitting something that you wouldn’t expect to be there,” Carey explains.

Get in contact with your gyro to schedule and exam/ultrasound. They will give you treatment options to alleviate the symptoms.

Emotional Pain

Even though a lot of physical symptoms are caused by physical things, emotions can make you feel sick after sex too. If you are being emotionally or verbally abused, or your relationship is in a bad spot, physical intimacy may trigger feelings of fear, abandonment or isolation. Feel free to talk to your partner about what may be going on in your heart that is affecting your ability to participate in the post-coital glow.


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