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Serious question: If the world can publicly mourn Nipsey Hussle, why can’t the mother of his daughter?

We’re asking the question because the late rapper’s ex girlfriend, Tanisha, also the mother of his oldest child Emani, shared a short tribute to Nipsey over the weekend. Reaction to it was mixed, and at times, quite negative.

“I LOVE YOU ERMY U NO WHEN IM MAD AT YOU ITS ERMIAS Joseph I love you so much,” she wrote as the caption to a photo of herself, Nipsey and Emani during one of the child’s past birthday celebrations.

People had plenty to say about the post, and some bashed her for the message because before his passing, he had been with actress Lauren London since 2013 and they share a son named Kross. The fact that she also goes by “Chyna Hussle” and “Tanisha Asghedom” as her Instagram and Facebook names also made people feel a type of way.

“This whole caption is disrespectful. Her IG name is disrespectful. Her Facebook name is disrespectful,” someone wrote on her IG page. “She has a whole boyfriend and is using Nipsey’s govt last name and his stage name for what reason??? They weren’t together. This is ratchet and messy af! Idc what y’all say”

“No one is saying she shouldn’t feel something for him but her choice of words are insensitive to his current situation,” said another.

“Face it people. She uses ‘hussle’ and aasghedom’ on Facebook because she’s messy and wants to keep a connection for publicity purposes,” another person said. “No one wants a loose cannon on stage. This is pathetic and ghetto.”

“Tanisha my prayer and wish for you is to keep your intentions pure and keep your daughters well being first,” wrote another. “Please DO NOT fall victim to these internet trolls who have the capability to write nasty and hurtful things your daughter can read and REACT to! Put her first. Death defines the true meaning of the word FINAL. Deal with any unfinished emotions by seeking God or therapy. NOT Social media.”

“What Lauren brings out of Nipsey she could never!!!” shared yet another commenter. “So if you think a man only true love once’s that’s foolish of you.”

Some skepticism about whether or not Tanisha’s intentions were pure isn’t completely ridiculous. She reportedly shared a message a few years ago on Twitter saying “We by no means broke up,” and tweeted at Lauren that the rapper still loved her. But people grow up. And as was previously mentioned in one of the comments, Tanisha is supposedly in a relationship with someone else (whom she last shared of a photo of in February) and has dated other people over the last few years (based on her IG). So by no means does it look like she was waiting around to reconcile with the late rapper.

They welcomed daughter Emani in 2008 after dealing with one another for some time. When things ended, she seemed to have a healthy relationship with him and his family, at least based on what she was posting from time to time over the years. She called Nipsey, his father and brother, Samiel, family.

The above posts were shared between 2014 and 2018, way before his death.

Overall, the message shared in her tribute didn’t seem inappropriate. Just as his friends, his fans and others in the music industry loved him, she loved him as well and actually knew him before the fame. She should be able to express her grief for her daughter’s father and her friend like everyone else.

For the record, while Tanisha didn’t appear to be present at the memorial service last week, she was mentioned during the reading of the obituary by Adam Andebrhan.

“He had a beautiful daughter, Emani Dior, with his love Tanisha.”

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