Sex From Afar: How To Maintain The Heat In A Long Distance Relationship

April 10, 2019  |  

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It’s literally a “celebration overtime you link up” when you are in a long distance relationship with your boo. But how do you maintain the relationship steam when you and your partner are far apart?

“It’s normal to crave intimacy when you are apart but sometimes maintaining intimacy and keeping things spicy is not as easy as it seems,” Jennifer Craig of the blog Survive LDR told HuffPost.

Here are some tips on how to keep things sexy when you are far a part from your person:

Make Sure You Are On The Same Page

There are some couples who are okay having physical relations outside of their connection when they are far a part, if that’s not the case for you, make sure boundaries are clear.

“In order to prevent your significant other from feeling insecurity and jealousy, there needs to be frank and open discussion about what constitutes ‘betrayal.’ Set aside a time with your partner and talk in detail about what you each perceive as emotional and sexual infidelity. You might be surprised how your definition of infidelity might be different than your [partner’s]. We all have different thresholds about what is ‘OK’ and what is ‘not OK’ in the relationship.” — Nazanin Moali, sex therapist and host of the podcast “Sexology”told HuffPo.

Send Some Naughty Texts

When you can’t communicate lust with your bodies, communicating sex vibes through words is the next best thing.

“For beginners, sex toys or video sex might be too much. I recommend sexting because it’s a great activity to maintain intimacy while you are physically apart — not too direct for beginners, less awkward, and you can build up as you go along and get more comfortable,” Craig told HuffPo.

Set Aside Time For Skype/FaceTime

Technology is a dear friend for people who are in LDR. There are now remote controlled toys (where you can control your person’s pleasure from a far, how yummy!) and good old Skype and FaceTime. Just make sure you carve out time for Skype like you would an in person date.

“It’s important to schedule those times so you and your partner know that this is the designated time to connect. Also, it’s important to continue living your own life when your significant other is away. Continue to interact with friends, remain social and carry on as you normally would. If you start to give up your life in order to preserve your ongoing relationship, it could lead to resentment and frustration,” Nazanin Moali, sex therapist and host of the podcast “Sexology” told HuffPo




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