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This past weekend, Chance The Rapper married his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child Kirsten Corley. Naturally, several of his celebrity friends were in attendance. Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, and Kirk Franklin to name a few.

Chance shared a photo of these men, along with his father on his Instagram page.

Most people looked at the picture of five happy Black men and kept it moving. But this is the internet and there’s always one who not only notices something amiss but is ready to comment on it, for laughs and likes.

Twitter user @BrianMcLight shared his observation about the photo:

And while it was certainly accurate, it didn’t sit well with Franklin’s daughter, Kennedy. She hopped in “McLight’s” DMs with a clapback that unfortunately fell flat.

Then she took it to McLight’s DMs.


I get where Kennedy is coming from. She felt someone was attacking her father and she wanted to defend him. You’d be hard-pressed to find a daughter with a present and attentive father who wouldn’t do the same. But it’s interesting that she felt she needed to in the first place. Franklin is clearly wearing makeup here. And in this day and age, a famous man wearing makeup is commonplace. Franklin knew he would be photographed at this wedding. He wanted to put his best foot forward. And I’m sure he wasn’t the only man in the room wearing some product. I know there are some homophobic men and some wayward women who would consider Franklin’s use of makeup as some type of testament to his sexuality. But they would be wrong. And honestly, I don’t think McLight was trying to insinuate anything about Franklin’s life either. He was just remarking that the contour was strong.

When you think about it, perhaps Kennedy didn’t need to step in and intervene in this situation. Anyone can be the victim of bad lighting or a heavy-handed makeup artist. The situation only escalated when Kennedy tried to conflate two unrelated things. The makeup technique used and people not being invited to Chance’s wedding. Not being invited to a celebrity wedding isn’t exactly a reason to clown someone, when most of us only know Chance The Rapper—not Chance the man. I’m sure there are people who would have loved to be in the spot, but the moment wouldn’t have meant as much to them as it did to the people who know either Chance or Kirsten.

And the thought that people who would have something to say about a makeup look should have also been invited to the wedding of a person they don’t know just doesn’t work as a comeback.

And McLight was quick to point out that fact. This would have been a good place for Franklin to bow out. But she didn’t.

In fact, according to McLight, the conversation continued.

And just like, in what she believed to be in defense of her father, she’s the one who ends up stepping out of character.

This is a reminder that you can’t let the internet get you gassed up. Not only is it not the real world, clapping back at people who clown and cut down for a living rarely ends well


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