Honoring Be Nasty Day: Times You Should Be Difficult

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national be nasty day

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There are a couple great holidays today, including the lesser-known Be Nasty Day. “Nasty woman” has actually become a phrase with its own Wikipedia page now. For those unfamiliar with how it came to be, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” for wanting to raise taxes on the wealthy to improve social security programs. He thought his turn of phrase would just bring shame on her, but liberal women around the world snatched onto it and made it their own. The spirit of the “nasty woman” is to tell the truth, even if it isn’t pretty, to demand what is right, even when it won’t be easy, and to genuinely care more about justice than being “well-behaved” or “lady-like.” So now there is a National Be Nasty Day. Shouldn’t every day be like that? Here are times it’s okay to be difficult, in honor of National Be Nasty Day.


When your partner is being lazy

I had to get nasty with my partner once because he had just become so lazy about spending time with my friends. The scales had tipped tremendously in his favor regarding whose friends we spent time with. We saw his friends twice a month and mine…twice a year. I told him that was straight up the behavior of a selfish, lazy, and bad partner. I said that needed to change, and I’d accept only results and not excuses.

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