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Have you ever had something you desperately needed show up in your life unexpectedly? That’s how I felt when a pink box from grow girl arrived at my office in early March. I hadn’t heard of the brand before (and therefore hadn’t requested any product from them). I had, however, been complaining to anyone who would listen about the fact that I had to cut another inch or more off of my hair due to heat damage and, consequently, could no longer put my hair up into my most beloved style: a bun. Hence, it only took me about 3 minutes to rip off the child-protective wrapping on the Let It Grow Hair Growth Supplement and pop two of the pink gummies in my mouth.

The raspberry flavored gummy bears contain vitamin B12 and biotin and, according to the company’s website, are comprised of a scientifically proven (gluten-free and non-GMO) formula that can help grow luxurious hair in less than a month. I’ve received hair growth supplements before but was never totally intrigued by the idea. For one, I was usually in the midst of a health journey and between taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, amino acids, probiotics, carb suppressants, and energy boosters, I just didn’t have the mouth to pop one more pill. There’s also something about a hair growth supplement that almost seems too good to be true so I usually either gave those bottles away or they sat in the back of my medicine cabinet until they expired. So what was different this time?

Remember when I told you about Garnier Fructis’ Sleek Shot? Well getting rid of the straight ends I was left with after giving that product a try left me with yet another struggle bun and I was determined to get it back as soon as possible. The gummy form of these supplements also made me feel like I could take them more as an afternoon snack than swallow them as part of a requirement with my breakfast every morning. Plus, I liked that the gummies came with an accompanying conditioner that I felt would really drive the benefits of the hair supplements home.

grow girl

Source: grow girl / grow girl

The Fresh Rinse of Bel-Hair Hair Regrowth Conditioner not only has a cute name but also a cool formula: calendula and lavender. Calendula, as I learned after doing some research, is an herb with a wide range of benefits, including hydrating and improving the condition of dry scalp. It’s regenerative properties also aid in the growth of hair follicles for thicker strands and it’s antioxidant profile protects against damage from free-radicals.

For me, this product was a no-brainer and when I saw how soft my hair felt after the first use, I was happy to swap out my typical co-washes for this conditioner during the trial period. The only drawback is you’re expected to use this product “4-5 times per week for best results.” So even by following the directions to use a small amount on wet hair, it doesn’t take long to run through this 8 oz. bottle.

grow girl

Source: grow girl / grow girl

Shine isn’t something I usually think about unless my hair is down and my curls are out — and dull, which is typically the case. So, again, since these I’m Bringing Shiny Back Hair Shine Supplements wound up on my desk, I figured why not? Vitamin E is the star ingredient of these dermatologist-approved gummies. And, if you’ll grant me a moment of nostalgia, they taste like the blue Scooby Doo in those Scooby Doofruit flavored snack packs so I absolutely do not mind chewing two of these daily.

The Results

As most of us know, hair growth is so minute that even the 1/2-inch increase that can be expected in a month typically isn’t noticeable — until it is. I first realized the growth supplement and conditioner were bringing my hair back to life when I started noticing more texture. For a while, my hair was almost completely straight when I pulled it back in a low bun and when I’d attempt to pile it on top of my head, it was lacking in thickness — not to mention there was always a significant portion that would fall loose because it was too short to fit into a bun. Suddenly, though, I realized I was able to put my hair into a bun on top of my head and fluff it out into curly fullness, and the hair that was brushed up into the bun was alive with waves again. Funny enough, I’d also gone to a salon event with celebrity hairstylist Ursula Steven, who’s done my hair a handful of times now, and she remarked how much thicker my stands had gotten since the last time she’d styled it, which let me know the growth I thought I saw wasn’t all in my mind.

To be honest, I see no reason not to keep incorporating these gummies and the conditioner into my diet. At $15 each ($14 for the conditioner), they’re super affordable and actually cheaper than a lot of the competitors in the market. And, they work. I still have a ways to go to get my hair back to its longest length, so my plan is to let grow girl continue to help me get there.

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