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It’s Pisces season, and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is behind us and Spring is right around the corner, which means everyone’s ready to throw on something cute, get outside, and indulge in romance. If you happen to find someone special who’s a Pisces, there are a few things you should know about what to expect from their sign when they’re in love. Here’s the tea on this zodiac sign.

Likes & Dislikes

You may not have picked up on it yet, but your Pisces was born to be a Cuffing Season Champ. According to, they love romance, sleeping, and visual media. So it’s entirely possible that Netflix and Chill was invented by a Pisces. Although this sign can be a bit codependent, they have a bit of an independent streak because they enjoy time alone.

That all seems really sweet, but Just know that you can’t tell your Pisces anything–especially not about themselves! They can’t stand Know-It-Alls and they hate to be criticized. And don’t think you’re about to laugh about some of their funny mishaps because they don’t like the past coming back to haunt them. And because Pisces are such compassionate people, they hate cruelty of any kind.


According to, Pisces are compassionate and charitable; in short, they’re very giving. That extends to love as this romantic sign can be pretty generous with their romantic partners. If you’re with a Pisces, you can expect that they’ll come up with lots of great treats for you. Just make sure you’re returning the same energy.

Don’t be afraid to open up around a Pisces, either, because they’re very gentle and intuitive spirits. Don’t feel like you have to hide who you are with them.


Like with many relationships, reciprocity is much-appreciated with Pisces–especially if they have gone all out to give you a romantic surprise. Do you set off fireworks on your next date? Probably not. But your Pisces will get a bit more than sad if you don’t try to do something cute for them. writes that Pisces do not like being alone, and that translates into them having codependent behaviors. They can also be overly trusting. When problems come their way, Pisces’ first instinct may be to retreat because of some escapist tendencies. This can manifest in a number of ways like an addiction.


As a water sign, Pisces will often have the best connection with other water signs. According to, a pairing between a Pisces and a Scorpio or a Cancer is more likely to be harmonious and built-to-last. Keep in mind, though, that Pisces might even find their better half in another Pisces. There’s a reason this symbol is two fish!

On the other hand, two is not always the magic number for Pisces. states that although Geminis and Pisces might seem like a good match at first, they may want very different things. Pisces will want to clearly define the relationship and commitment, but that Gemini might will want to avoid labels and keep things easy. Pisces run into a similar problem with Sagittarius, who also wants to keep things light and fun.

Pisces Men In Love

How do you know if a Pisces man is into you? Elite Daily says that there are four sure-fire signs. First of all, you probably won’t have to worry about his ghosting you because your Pisces man will make communication a priority. On top of that, he’ll often ask for your opinion because he wants your input and he respects you. Chivalry is alive and well, as he’ll also be very protective of you and the relationship. Why? Because he’s envisioning a future with you.

It won’t be that hard to tell if a Pisces man is into you because when he is, he’s all in. He’ll expect the same of you, too. reports that a “Pisces man in love will give his entire self to his partner” and that he’ll want nothing more than “for you to forget that the world outside exists, and to give yourself over to love and the vision of indivisibility.” If being inseparable is your idea of love at its best, then Pisces has you covered.

Pisces Women In Love

Much like the Pisces man, reports that Pisces women get deeply invested in their partners when they’re in love. The Pisces woman is fully susceptible to getting completely wrapped up in her boo, and her partners will absolutely find themselves getting swept away in her charms. Pisces might actually be the closest thing to a noble land mermaid this side of reality.

Elite Daily characterizes Pisces women as giving, caring, fun, and chill. She’s a good time, she’s enchanting, but she is not overwhelming. There’s something comfortable about being around her. In bed, it may seem like she’s able to read your mind because she somehow knows exactly what you want. Who wouldn’t love to fall in love with a woman like that? Sadly, Pisces women often fall for the wrong lovers; on the chance that she picks the right one, though, her partner will be in for a lifetime of happiness.

Pisces in Bed

Pisces’ compassionate and giving nature shines in the bedroom. Their intuition also gets them perfectly in tune with their partners. Mix that all together and anyone lucky enough to find themselves in bed with a Pisces will be hitting high notes.

If you’re looking to set the mood for a Pisces, remember that intimacy is a spiritual experience for them. Think Yoga studio, but make it sexy: candles, calm surroundings, a comfy bed, and low, rhythmic music. Depending on your Pisces, warns that this may not be the time for dirty talk because “Pisceans are turned off by anything too crude or raw.”

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