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As important as it is to go to the doctor, one thing you should listen to more than anything when it comes to your health is your body. While there are a million and one diets floating around that promise to help you lose weight, gain muscle, or help you control certain conditions, there’s no better indicator of whether said foods and ingredients are actually working than the way in which your body responds to them.

To help you get more in tune with what your body’s trying to tell you, we’ve pointed out a few tell-tale signs it’s time to change your diet. From gastrointestinal problems to irritability, these are easy ways to tell something in your diet needs to change.

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You Feel Sluggish And Tired

What you put in your body directly affects how it operates. If you are overloading on carbs and fried foods, your body is going to respond by regularly feeling tired and sluggish instead of energetic.

Sure, your hectic schedule could also be the culprit, but if you know your diet isn’t the best, that’s probably where the issue lies. Swap out the unhealthy foods for leafy greens, grains, fruits and protein.


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You’re Always Hungry, Even After You Eat

Empty calories and unhealthy foods are the reason why you’re always hungry –even after you eat. No, you don’t need more of the bad food to feel full, you just need to make adjustments to your diet to include foods that are good for you.

Also, the amount of times you eat daily also plays a major role in your hunger factor. Instead of eating one or two large meals a day, try eating several small meals instead. This keeps hunger at bay and stops you from overeating.

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You Suffer From Gastrointestinal Problems

Are you always gassy, constipated, suffering from heartburn or indigestion? If you are, then you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues that are commonly linked to a bad diet.

When you eat healthily, your body regularly rids itself of toxins and flushes out your system. This makes you feel lighter and combats any previous gastrointestinal issues you’ve had. Juicing and fasting are additional ways to help keep your system free of toxins.

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Your Skin Is Breaking Out

This goes back to your days as a kid when you would binge on all the unhealthy junk food you could handle and pay the price later with a face full of acne breakouts.

As an adult, you should know better, but if you still find yourself wrapped up in eating the wrong foods and your skin is paying the price, it’s time to make a change. Keep your skin clear and glowing by drinking lots of water and eating foods that replenish your body from the inside out.

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You Lack Energy

There are many health-related reasons why your energy level is low, but one of the most common (and most easy to change) is having a bad diet. If you put junk in your body, you will feel like junk.

Stay away from an overabundance of carbs, sugar and fried foods. Instead, load up on a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins that will give you tons of energy throughout the day.


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You Don’t Eat Balanced Meals

Having a hectic schedule can often result in not having the time to eat or prepare balanced meals to eat. This leads to eating junk food, fast food or skipping meals.

To make sure you’re eating properly while maintaining your schedule, try to meal prep so you’ll have plenty of food to eat during the week that only needs reheating. This way, you’ll be eating healthy meals and time constraints won’t get in the way.

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You Have A Bad Attitude

When you don’t feel good, it radiates through your attitude and your attitude can be the direct result of your diet. Eating the wrong food will make you cranky because because you are not getting the nutrients and balance you need from your diet.

No one wants to be around someone with a bad attitude, so you should definitely get a handle on what you’re eating before you begin to push the people in your life away.

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You’re Stressed Out

Stress is one of the most serious issues that you can find yourself dealing with and it manifests itself in a number of ways, trickling all the way down to your diet.

Stress-eating is a real thing and when you are dealing with mountains of stress you may find yourself eating a lot of the wrong food, which brings you additional stress because of the changes it causes to your body. Try to get to the root of your stress and find ways to alleviate it as much as possible.

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You Keep Getting Sick

Another instance of the human body being all you need to listen to in terms of your health. If you find yourself always getting sick no matter your attempts to stay healthy, you should probably look to your diet for answers.

A well-balanced, healthy diet is essential in providing your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy, so eating the proper foods should be your top priority.

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You Only Eat Once A Day

This is something that many of us do regularly because we think it lessens the calories…it doesn’t. Eating only one meal a day is not the way to lose or maintain your weight, in fact it does just the opposite.

Eating once a day causes you to eat more than you should because you are trying to make up for a day’s worth of calories in one meal. Also, because you are so hungry when you finally eat, you consume more food, which can quickly pack on the pounds.

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