Signs You Need To Expand Your Friend Circle

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Your friends are your support system, your backbone, your sounding board when ish goes south and you need someone to bounce ideas off of, but what happens when you realize you need to make a few changes to your circle?

That “no new friends” concept works for some, but rather than close off your friend circle, consider expanding it. Chances are, at this stage in your life, the friends you have around you are who they are and there’s little you can do to change them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new friends to be made who can fill in some of the gaps you’re feeling when it comes to your current crew. Check out these signs it might be time to expand your friend circle.

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Everything Falls On You

In a friend group it’s inevitable that everyone settles into certain roles, but when all of the responsibility for everything falls on you, it may be time to reevaluate some things. Do you make all the plans or are you always expected to organize everything? If you don’t do something does it not get done? If you are the designated person that everything falls on, seeking an outside friendship where this is not your role could be the best thing.


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You Don’t Have As Many Common Interests As You Used To

It happens. As you grow and years pass, it’s inevitable that the common hobbies and interests that you and your friends once shared may no longer be the same.

This doesn’t mean that you and your friends don’t have other things to bond over, it just means that perhaps making new friends who share the same affection for the things you currently love is the way to go.

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They Aren’t Always Dependable

Being able to depend on your friends is one of the most important qualities of friendship, but over time that dependability can start to wane.

When this happens it doesn’t mean that you should cut your friends off entirely, but you definitely need to reassess some things. Don’t expect your old friends to be something they can’t be, instead feel free to open yourself up to making new friends that you can depend on when you need them most.

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Your Choices/Decisions Are Heavily Criticized

Your friends are not obligated to always agree with your choices and decisions, but there is a difference between that and constantly criticizing everything single thing you do.

Sure, you want honest feedback on your choices and decisions, but you don’t want to always feel like you are being judged for everything you do. Making new friends can really come in handy when you’re looking for a more optimistic reception to your lifestyle choices.

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They’re Not Supportive When It Counts

Support means everything in any relationship, especially when it comes to your friends. If your friends are supportive, but not as much as they could be or not when it really counts, getting some new friends isn’t a bad thing.

You want to feel supported by your friends no matter what and if that means spending time with other people and fostering friendships, then do what you have to.


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You Have A New Career Or Lifestyle

Embarking upon a new career or lifestyle change causes you to do/feel things differently than in the past, which can mean your friends are left out.

Whether you’ve moved out of state for a new job or decided to go vegan, career and lifestyle changes can spell danger to existing friendships, but they don’t have to. Instead, don’t be afraid to make new friends that share your new career or lifestyle while you maintain your friendships with your day ones.

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You Don’t Want To Hang Out As Much

This is a telltale sign that perhaps it’s time to put yourself out there and create new friendships. When you don’t want to hang out as much with your friends as you used to, it means that something is lacking.

Maybe your priorities have changed or your interests and hanging out like in the past just isn’t as appealing to you as it once was. Either way, hanging out and doing what you used to with your friends maybe isn’t at the top of your list these days.

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You Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing Certain Things

This ties directly to feeling heavily criticized because when you are always criticized by your friends, you don’t feel comfortable sharing certain details with them.

You should feel very comfortable sharing your most intimate secrets and aspects of your life with your friends, if you don’t, then making friends who do make you feel that way is very understandable.

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Things Have Become Routine

If you and your friends are always frequenting the same places, doing the same things every week(end) and overall your relationship has become routine, it’s time to switch things up.

Friendships are where you can let your hair down and have fun, but if you’ve become completely bored with things, injecting some new friends into your life could be just the remedy to get you out of your routine funk.

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You’ve Changed

It’s as simple as that. Life happens and people change, there is no shame or blame in that, but many times it’s unavoidable.

Part of growth is changing how you view things, changing your interests and reinventing yourself to be the best, mature version of yourself you can be. Your old friends may not understand that, but you can still have relationships with them while adding new friends to the mix who share your changes.

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