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5) Keep an overestimated budget – Well, first you need to create a budget, and live by it daily.

If you can’t handle budgets, just try one out for 21 days. They say it takes about 21 days of repeating the same activity for it to become a habit. So, make budgeting a habit. If you’re great with budgets, then wonderful. Either way, you must keep a budget, and overestimate the costs of your expenses. If you need $200 for transportation each month, enter $300, and work towards yielding the higher amount each month.

4)  Lend it – Yes, that sounds crazy on the onset, but lending money to a trustworthy entity, such as a person or a bank, will allow you to diversify your money storage. If you can hold money in a 6-month Certificate of Deposit (CD) for example, you’ll have that money, plus a little bit of interest six months from now.

3) Mate wisely – May be blunt advice, but steer clear of lovers who are too eager to impress you with the way they spend and waste, rather than build and grow. Gravitate towards men who don’t “control” you, but are able to work with you amicably on solving tough financial problems.

2) Buy items that appreciate – Items that depreciate in value include cars, clothes and pretty much everything that certain ign’ant rappers rap about. If you invest in land, projects, businesses (e.g. your own business) or even people that can contribute to your personal wealth, you’ll have a better bottom line than “Madame Rubina” from around the way, who gets her hair & nails done every week, has the most expensive shoes, and the most horrendous finances ever.

1) Shift your attitude – Ask yourself why you’d “always” want money. Does money equal happiness? Nope, not necessarily, but money can allow you to complete some of the projects that do make you happy. So, if you choose happiness projects that don’t cost a zillion dollars, guess what? You’ll be much richer than the woman who can’t be “happy ” unless she has diamonds.

Happiness projects that’ll leave you with money in your pocket include: learning to love the gym, learning to love people in healthier ways (that’s right, let go of that person that taxes you emotionally, because you’d be amazed at how much bad relationships cost), and learning to live fully…appreciating each beautiful moment of each day!

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