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Vertical Activewear

In 2017, I put together a slideshow of some chic fitness jumpsuits that were on the market and that could bring some spunk to your workout. However, the commenters weren’t buying it. They were very much against such a look:

“Women who wear this stuff to the gym isn’t [sic] there to workout, it’s about attracting attention,” someone said.

“These bodysuits may be more appropriate for all-women workout environments,” said another. “It’s also possible to make it wearable by putting shorts and a cropped shirt on over it to make it more workout appropriate.”

“None of these look like comfortable workout attire,” stated another, who kept her thoughts on the subject short and simple.

I was somewhat surprised that people were so certain that a bodysuit to be worn for health and wellness purposes was not for them if they never tried it. But truth be told, while I was suggesting the look, I actually never had the guts to wear one. I, like the commenters, had always been nervous that bodysuits would hug my curves and draw too much unwanted attention, making me want to run out of the gym. I too assumed that such a look was too tight and would ride up, constrict and just make my workout…let’s just say, interesting. And yes, I also worried that I would look like I was seeking attention when, in reality, I was just trying to get in and get out out of the gym.

So when the opportunity to actually try one came about, with the help of Vertical Activewear, I was shook. I was really going to have to step out, imperfections showing, curves uncovered for the ogling of others. But then I thought about the commenters, and other people who shunned such a look and I thought, why not set the record straight on what bodysuits are really like and their benefits? Or at least this one?

I strapped myself in the “I Got Your Back! Bodysuit,” ($55) a knee-length offering from Vertical Activewear, which is known for apparel for not just traditional workouts, but also pole and dance fitness, barre and yoga workouts. There is a built-in bra attached to the piece, due to the fact that the back is very much open and strappy. Still, I wore a sports bra for added support.

I went to the gym with a long hoodie on over it (because New York men are just looking for an in to stare at you in a lecherous manner), and gave myself a pep talk in the locker room. I finally removed my hoodie, grabbed my equipment, and headed to the Stairmaster. Instead of focusing on what anyone might have thought or the looks that could have been given, I stayed focused and got to work. After 40 minutes of sweating on the exhausting machine, killing it, I started feeling myself. I was glad to find that the bodysuit was very comfortable and that it never rode up. As I would have to do with certain legging and top combinations, I didn’t have to think about pulling anything up or down. The material, a simple polyester and spandex blend, was sleek, soft and supportive. I also didn’t have to worry about material ending up see-through when I did my deadlifts and bent-over rows during my weight training segment. May I also add, it was also just a super cute outfit. I loved the length, the scoopneck design, and the way it showed off my arms and shoulders, which are my best asset these days (I’m working to get everything else back together after a rough year, so don’t clown my pictures too hard).

After the workout, I felt pretty accomplished and more comfortable in my skin than I thought I would. I didn’t feel self-conscious, gross, like I was looking for attention, or like a piece of meat. The outfit made my exercise experience a pretty simple, comfortable one, and it didn’t expose too much at all.

Working out in a bodysuit obviously isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. But I would recommend that if you’re interested in trying one, you give an option like the one I tested for Vertical Activewear a chance. The comfort and ease with which it fits will shock you.

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