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women in business

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America is not employing middle-age and older individuals enough. Just look at these figures. There are a handful of industries in which the median age of a worker is in the fifties but, most industries are hiring the 20 through 40 crowd. That’s a huge shame because older employees have a lot to offer. I understand why companies hire younger individuals—mathematically speaking, they probably have more years to dedicate to the company. But do they really think all of those youngsters are going to stay with them forever? Younger workers often have dreams of saving enough money to leave their company and start their own, or of playing a negotiation game where they get a competitor to offer them more money. The stability in hiring young employees is an illusion. Meanwhile, extremely valuable professionals in their fifties and up are being overlooked. Here is why you should hire older female employees.

women in business

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They’re diplomatic

Young employees don’t know much yet about holding their tongue and not sending that strongly-worded email. They’re passionate and impulsive, and burn bridges when they don’t get what they want. Older employees understand the power of diplomacy.

women in business

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They’re patient

Young professionals are just impatient. And how could they not be? They grew up in a time when, if their Netflix video didn’t load in a millisecond, they called the company to complain. Older employees are patient, and they don’t become frustrated if a process is time-consuming, or must be repeated and corrected.

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They aren’t partying as much

Your older employee isn’t going to Margarita Mondays with her girlfriends and Thirsty Thursdays (and running into the CEO and saying something dumb), and showing up to work a little hung over. Your older employee is done with that.

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Their personal life is calm

Your older employee probably has her personal life settled. She is more likely to be married with children, or at least have a stable relationship and good group of friends. You won’t need to worry about her bringing her personal stuff to work because she’s pretty even-tempered and content in life.

women in business

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They’ve watched the industry change

Due to the simple fact that she’s been around longer, your older employee has perspective on your industry. She has watched it long enough to notice and predict trends.

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They have life wisdom

You can’t put a price on life wisdom—it is something that will be valuable in the work place, in so many different scenarios, time and time again.

ageism in the workplace 2018

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They really want it

If a woman is still sending out resumes and going to job interviews and meeting with recruiters in her fifties, then you know she really wants this job. So she’ll do a good job.

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They’re humble

You know those recent college grads come in wanting to prove something, and vying for that position of CEO. Older employees understand the value in being humble.

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They’re grateful

A twenty-something just doesn’t know how tough the job market is. She may have only been looking for a job for…three months? She’s never really experienced unemployment while having real expenses (like children). An older woman knows firsthand how lucky she is to get the job, and it means more to her—like paying off her child’s student loans.

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Younger people like having them around

The younger employees in the office will behave themselves better—they revere those older than them. And having someone older than them provides a calming presence. It’s good for younger employees to befriend someone older, too.

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They’ve already learned from their mistakes

Young employees still have all of those difficult and embarrassing mistakes ahead of them, and the lessons to learn from them. Your older employee has already made those mistakes, and learned from them.

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They’re better listeners

Young people just aren’t great listeners. They’re distracted. They’re full of angst. They’re worried about their dates and their roommates. An older employee is a better listener—her mind is calmer.

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They’re organized

Older employees are more organized at work because they’re more organized in their lives. Twenty-somethings are a mess, emotionally and practically. They’re still learning about health insurance and utility bills. Life is overwhelming for them. An older employee has her life on lockdown.

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They probably won’t date in-office

Let’s just be real: your older employee won’t date in the office. This is true for two reasons: 1) All the other employees are half her age and 2) She’s probably already in a committed relationship.

ageism in the workplace 2018

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They have good communication skills

The older we get, the better we become at communicating. We become better at picking up on subtle cues, and what isn’t said. We analyze personality types more efficiently.

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