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Brooke Valentine

during the Celebrity Dodgeball Game at 2018 BET Experience Fan Fest at Los Angeles Convention Center on June 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that singer Brooke Valentine, then a newbie on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, was on an emotional rollercoaster. She had been cheated on by her partner, Marcus Black, and was trying to figure out her feelings for her old friend, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. She was, at that time, an endearing sort of character on the show. You honestly felt somewhat bad for her, too. How did Marcus become the victim because she kissed Boobie, enough to the point that she had to fight to get him back, but he was out here with a whole other woman on the side she had to have him dismiss? She went through a lot last season.

I guess those experiences set something off in the 33-year-old singer, because she has returned to the show a completely different person in Season 5. I get how reality TV works with the shift in storylines, but she’s done such a 180, I find my face turned up when I watch her scenes on the show now. She went from charming to extremely messy, and I can’t seem to figure out why people are pretending it’s cute.

Valentine has spent this season attempting to push Marcus into marrying her. Going as far as to take an engagement ring he was carrying around, putting it on her finger and telling everyone they were getting married. However, despite her high hopes and wedding planning, he was out here dating a young lady named Stassia because Brooke told him to go sow his wild oats. Brooke popped up on them on multiple occasions, joked that she would be a hot stepmom to their child when Stassia thought she might be pregnant, and when the pregnancy test came back negative, she was waiting outside of the clinic they went to, ready to throw condoms at the girl. All of this to get Marcus to stop dealing with Stassia and focus on being with her. Whew, child.

And let’s not forget how she threw a surprise wedding, which thankfully turned into a surprise proposal from Marcus to help her save face. Or how she’s been running around Hollywood with loose lips, accusing so-called friend Lyrica of messing with Safaree (he won’t openly say he slept with the girl anymore so it all seems like a drawn out storyline we should move on from). When she apologized for it at the dinner Lyrica and A1 had to announce their baby news, which Safaree popped up at uninvited, she followed Lyrica around pretending to make sure she was ok, only to ask if her unborn child is Safaree’s. And in last night’s episode, she took glee in cracking jokes about the situation with Marcus and their friend Solo Lucci. She also took odd delight in talking about Teairra Mari’s sex tape being leaked out, telling Marcus, “you seen it too, Marcus. You asked me if I could do that!”

I can’t get with it. Especially since sis started out one way and has turned into Mess in Boots completely. She brings up other people’s drama, to the stress of Marcus, and feels no type of way about it. And while some people seem to love it, it’s so out of pocket and different from who she’s previously portrayed herself to be, that it just doesn’t make sense or good TV. And considering she can sing and is a mom outside of the show, there are more important things that cameras could be focused on that could still be entertaining.

I guess when it comes to reality TV though, it’s better to be the topic of discussion, whether it’s good or bad, than to not be thought of at all. But really, Brooke is too talented in real life to let the focus of her career be on the fact that she can’t hold water and finds joy in other people’s problems, especially if that’s not who she really is.

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