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When you’re in a new relationship it’s natural to get all in your feelings with thoughts of forever and happily ever after. However, many women are so wrapped up in new love that they neglect to see that maybe their new guy isn’t exactly ready to commit.

If you pay attention closely enough, the man you’re dating will let you know pretty clearly if he is ready to settle down with you or not– you just have to be open to what he’s showing you with some very tell-tale signs.

He Doesn’t Make Time For You

This is one of the most obvious signs there is that your guy is definitely not ready for commitment. People make time for who and what they want, so if he always has an excuse as to why you don’t spend more time together, then you need to recognize the writing on the wall.

Also, if he some how makes time for everything and everyone else but you, then he’s letting you know clearly where you rank in his life in terms of priorities. Spending time in a relationship is crucial and if you’re not doing that, there is something wrong.


You’re An Afterthought

If he makes plans, important life decisions or anything else without even considering how it will impact you or make you feel, then he’s showing you that you don’t hold much importance in his life and you are essentially an afterthought.

When someone really wants to be with you long term, they prioritize you and think about how the actions in their life will spill over to you. When he’s not doing that, it’s a way of letting you know that you won’t be around long enough to impact his life in any meaningful way.

His Communication Is Limited

Everyone is busy and we all have hectic lives inside and outside of work, but in 2018 with technology literally at our fingertips, there is no excuse for limited communication when you’re in a relationship.

It only takes a few seconds to send a “good morning” text or to let someone know that although you’re busy, you’re still thinking about them. When a man is only communicating with you when he feels like it or when you initiate it, it’s a sign that his time is preoccupied elsewhere.

He Regularly Cancels Plans

Things happen and plans have to change every now and then, it’s normal and not a big deal. However, if he is always canceling the plans he’s made with you, especially at the last minute, it’s a sign that he doesn’t consider your feelings.

He could also be seeing someone else or putting time with his friends before you. Whatever the reason is, you certainly don’t need to be sitting around waiting or continuing to make plans with a man who doesn’t have the courtesy to treat you with some respect.

You’ve Never Met His Family Or Friends

Now this one is a little tricky. Some men only introduce their girlfriends to their families and friends when they are on the marriage track, while others wait for things to be seriously committed. A way to determine what category he falls into is to find out how soon he’s introduced girlfriends in the past.

If he has been known to make those important introductions after a specific amount of time, but you still haven’t met anyone important in his life…you’re not the one and he’s not that into you. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s better to know sooner than later.


He Rarely Takes You Out In Public

In the era of Netflix and chill, many men have lost the ability to understand what a date and dating actually mean. Sure, you don’t have to go out all the time, in fact some of the “stay at home” dates are the best, but there is a difference between staying in sometimes and never going out at all.

Why does he hardly ever want to take you out? Is he seeing someone else? You need to ask yourself these questions and you probably already have the answer you need, whether you want to face it or not.

He’s Very Secretive

Beyond his name and a few other minor details, you really don’t know much about your new boo…and that is a definite red flag. If he’s secretive about his job, where he lives, his family/friends, social media or past dating history, you not only have a problem on your hands, but also a man that is not ready to commit to you.

When you see a future with someone you feel more comfortable to share private aspects of your life, if he has not let you in to who he really is, then he doesn’t see you as someone who will be around for the long haul.

He Refuses To Put A Title On The Relationship

“We’re just friends,” “we’re just kicking it,” “that’s my homie” all of these phrases are ways that men use to describe women that they have no intention of committing to. Refusing to put a title on a relationship just means that you don’t care enough about it to make it official.

If he refers to you as anything other than his girlfriend, then he is not willing to settle down and commit to you. Titles matter because if they didn’t, then he would call you his girlfriend without question.

He Openly Disrespects You

Whether he has a wandering eye and can’t stop himself from looking at other women in your presence or if he verbally disrespects you and your opinions, any man who wants to be with you long-term is going to make sure he treats the absolute best way he can.

Disrespecting you in public and in front of his friends is also another glaring sign that you hold very little significance in his life. Life is too short and you are too fabulous to put up with anything less than being treated like the queen your are.

He Doesn’t Include You In His Future Plans

Do you ever listen to him when he talks about the future? Does he ever say “us” and “we” when mentioning said plans? If not, then he not interested in committing to you because he’s already thinking about a future without you in it.

Things like vacations, new jobs and moving to a new home are just a handful of the future plans that a man would think to include his girlfriend in before making a big life decision. Since he doesn’t think of you that way, he is making plans for his future with absolutely no thought of we.

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