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In the past few years, Brandy has made a name for herself clapping back at folks. From random fans, to subliminal messages to her exes, to throwing jabs at Monica, decades after their initial altercation, Brandy is a tough typer.

Earlier this year when Princess Love took to social media to express her frustrations during Ray J’s six-day disappearance, according to Princess, Brandy was sending tough texts. And her mother, Sonja Norwood was publicly demanding that she publicly apologize for spreading false information about her son.

On this new season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” we saw how the three women handled all of this in person when they had a chance to speak about all of it at Princess’ gender reveal party. Minutes after the couple learned they were having a little girl, Ray J told his mother and sister that Princess was going to make a public apology—in order to restore his reputation. When she laughed, indicating that she had no intention of doing so, that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Sonja: You put him out there in the public, on some b.s.

Princess: Did you take into consideration what you’ve done? Why don’t you tell him to apologize to me?

Sonja: I don’t want to get you upset because I lost a baby once. I want you to stay stress-free and I’ll deal with you after the baby is born.

Princess: We won’t ever deal with it because I don’t care about dealing with it. This is your son and I have my mother.

Sonja: And don’t you ever forget that.

Princess: Don’t you ever forget it.

Ray J: Stop, stop.

Brandy: We have to respect. We have to respect.

Sonja: She wasn’t raised like that.

Princess: And you were? I don’t care. I’m done. You guys can see the baby when she gets here but me I’m done.

Brandy: Done with what?

Princess: Everything.

Brandy: I don’t have anything but love here. I just don’t want everybody in our business as a family. You took your name down.

Princess: So what?

Brandy: But you got to be an example for that baby.

Princess: She’ll be fine.

Brandy: You’re not an example doing that.

Princess: And you’re an example for your baby?

Brandy: I am. I am. I’m trying to be every day.

Princess: Ok because I see you on The Shade Room clapping back all the time.

Brandy: Ok I’m not perfect and I’m not a punk.

Princess: And neither am I. And neither am I.

Ray J: Stop, stop.

Brandy: We just don’t want Ray embarrassed or you embarrassed or this family embarrassed because of a moment in time that we didn’t protect. You just want to fight for no reason.

Princess: I’m not going to take marriage advice from someone that can’t even stay in a relationship for longer than three months.

Brandy: You guys deserve a shot at being good parents to this baby.

Princess: We will be good parents.

Brandy: Yeah but it won’t happen if everybody is in your life.

Princess: We’re in the spotlight. People are going to be in our business regardless.

Brandy: But you don’t have to add.

The Norwoods have a problem with the way they perceive their son and brother. For as concerned as they say they are about image, they don’t seem to mind that Ray J. has been embarrassing the family for years now. Pushing Princess into the pool was embarrassing. Getting her arrested while he was out cheating: embarrassing. The whole “For the Love of Ray J” series: embarrassing. Leaving his pregnant wife for six days: embarrassing. The issue seems to be that the rest of the family is committed to making excuses for Ray J, excusing, ignoring and diminishing his bad behavior. If they were as concerned about how Ray J. was treating his wife, the mother of their grandchild and future niece, then maybe they would have pulled him to the side, instead of running up and making a pregnant woman cry at a gender reveal party. After all, it was Ray J’s actions that caused all this madness in the first place.

Honestly, after all the years the family has lived in the spotlight, I’m surprised they still find this outrageous emphasis on image to be so important. It was their concern about image that caused them to lie about an entire marriage between Brandy and the father of her child, Robert Smith, on a televised reality show. All of it was for show but when the truth came out, that really embarrassed the family name.

Ray J. gets away with entirely too much. And while Princess may be contributing to this pattern by sticking with him through all of these shenanigans, at least she’s willing to confront him in ways his mother and sister refuse.

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