5 Things To Know About The Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Jada Pinkett Smith Raves About

July 13, 2018  |  


In June, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that she made the decision not too long ago to undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Through a non-surgical option that uses two different tools, one that hits energy all the way around the vagina internally, thus encouraging cell turnover, and another that focuses on the outside of the vagina and the urethra, the 46-year-old beauty felt like a young girl again.

“My yoni is like a 16-year-old,” she said on her show Red Table Talk. “I’m not kidding. I’m talking about the outside. It’s like it looks like a little, beautiful peach.”

And while the treatment aids in making the vagina feel and look more supple, Jada’s reasons for undergoing the procedure weren’t for vanity purposes.

“I actually had it for my bladder issues, which completely went away after three treatments,” she said.

Many might hear about stars, and everyday women, getting this procedure and thinks it’s unnecessary. However, per Jada’s own admission, the benefits are much greater than solely helping someone feel “young again.” And the price to do it isn’t so unreasonable.

We spoke with Dr. Olga Ivanov, surgeon and founder of IV Lounge, a company that routinely provides these treatments to women, specifically the ThermiVa treatment, to understand how it all works and who can undergo it. As it turns out, whether you’re a mom who wants to feel like herself again or a woman who just wants an enhanced orgasm, this one’s for you.

MadameNoire: Who are the usual clients you receive for vaginal rejuvenation, and who is a good candidate? It’s assumed most are moms, but there are some young women, sans kids, who’ve expressed interest as well.

Dr. Olga Ivanov: Any woman, depending on the circumstances, can benefit from the procedure. From resolving issues with incontinence, to enhancing — or even achieving for the first time ever — orgasms, improving self-confidence and appearance of private parts, ThermiVa can enhance the lives of women.

What are the benefits? Jada Pinkett Smith said her procedure helped with bladder issues. Others just say it tightens things up.

The benefits include an improved, or even achieved for the first time in life, orgasm. Basically it’s women’s answer to Viagra without harmful pills, hormones or chemicals. Resolution of incontinence, which affects most women over the age of 40. Improvement of the appearance of a woman’s anatomy. Tightening of the vaginal walls, which leads to enhanced sensation for both partners during intercourse. Also, improved lubrication, improved libido and the improvement in vaginal atrophy due to a postmenopausal lack of female hormones or lack of estrogen due to cancer treatments.

Is one ThermiVa treatment enough to have long-lasting results?

Because ThermiVa works by generating new collagen, one procedure is suboptimal in this process. Ideally, three procedures spaced one month apart are needed to stimulate generation and growth of new collagen.

Is it common for patients to experience orgasm during this procedure considering what it entails?

Orgasm during the procedure is not a common experience, but it has been reported.

How exactly does the heat energy in this treatment get one’s vagina back to feeling like its old self?

The ThermiVa device generates focused electromagnetic waves that make existing collagen contract, while at the same time produce new collagen and new growth of blood vessels that bring in growth factors, nerve regeneration and moisture in the area, thus ultimately revitalizing and restoring elasticity and moisture of vaginal mucosa. Bottom line, new collagen, new blood flow and new innervation equals rejuvenation.

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