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Many times, when I stumble upon a great blog, I want to know more. I like diving in and exploring the various layers of a blog. I like to connect and get to know the blogger. I want to know who they are and what they do.

I want to be able to quickly access information. It should be easy to subscribe to your blog and follow you on Twitter. I hate it when I land on a blog and have to search around for social media icons just so I can follow on Twitter.

If I have to search too hard, it’s very likely that I’ll just leave and say forget it. I don’t have that kind of time.

That’s why I’m baffled by bloggers who neglect to make available, what I consider basic information.

You never know who’s looking for you and your blog. What if I were Sean “P. Diddy” Combs or someone of like-stature and I was looking for a participant in my new “Making the Blog” reality show…? I stumble across your blog and enjoy your writing style, but there’s no “About Me” page to tell me a little bit about your background. I want to shoot you a quick email, but there’s no contact page. I liked your blog and your writing voice, but forget it – I don’t have time to play “Hide-and-Seek” with your information – I’m P. Diddy, after all! Moving on to the next blog in 5…4…3…2…1… Sorry!

Don’t let one piece missing information cause you to miss an opportunity of a lifetime. Make sure your blog has at least these 5 essential static pages:


This is landing page of your blog that displays your latest posts. This page is usually generated automatically, but you may need to adjust your settings in WordPress to select which features you’d like displayed there. You’ll want to place your social media icons in a highly visible position on this page, preferably at the top right hand corner.

About Me

This should be more about you than your company (if you have one). This could include who you are, where you’re from, what you do – why you do what you do and anything about you that people might find intriguing. You can include information about your business, again, it should not be the focal point.

The point is to allow people an opportunity to get to know you. This builds trust and credibility. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you received some tips for creating an About Me page over the weekend (Contact me if you’d like me to send you those tips).

Contact Me

People should be able to reach you if they have a question or simply want to send compliments. You can also include your user profiles to social networks here as well. People want to connect with you, make it easy for them.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you plan on making any commissions from affiliate sales, if you want to keep Google happy, you’d better add this disclosure. This statement is meant to openly share this information with visitors so that they know that you could earn money if they make a purchase. I think it’s only fair and honest that this information be shared.

Privacy Policy

You can create a free one at (that’s the service I used). This is also another important page, if you want to keep Google happy.

Optional Pages

Tools & Resources

Make it easy for your visitors to find what they need. You can include important links to resources and useful products. This is a great use of affiliate links that is not a blatant sale, but is more of a valuable service that you could provide your readers.

Hire me

Include a highlight of your services and possibly a form to submit requests for a quote. Let people know what services you’re offering. You never know who might be looking to hire some with your talents and skills.

Other considerations

Are you thinking about selling ad space on your blog? You might want to add an “Advertise Here” page. Thinking about accepting guest posts? You might want to create a page that outlines your guest posting requirements that contains a form where they can submit posts directly to you.

Feel free to browse my blog for examples of what a given page might look like.

So have I left out any other essential blog pages? What other optional pages could we include?

Kiesha Easley is a technical writer, blogger, and consultant. Read more of her work on We Blog Better, where she aims to teach others how to blog and build stronger online communities. Connect with her on Twitter or subscribe to her newsletter.

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