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Of today’s modern-day divas, Mariah Carey may be the biggest. She works out in heels, can’t be seen without her diamonds, and doesn’t play about her lighting. But one part of her diva regimen that you, too, could get away with trying, is taking milk baths.

This information came about during the star’s recent interview with The Guardian, where she was asked if she bathed in French mineral water, we guess, a popular rumor. She told the publication she has something much better.

“No, I bathe in milk,” she said, “sometimes I use milk as a beauty treatment. I don’t want to give away all my secrets.”

And while the thought of spending money to sit in cold milk sounds wasteful (the average cost of a gallon of milk in New York as of February is $4.53), the skin benefits can be worth it. Here are five things you should know about milk baths, in case you’re interested in taking a dip.

  1. It was the official bath of some major queens. Most attribute milk baths to Queen Cleopatra, who reportedly chilled in cold donkey milk during her day for her complexion. But it was also a favorite of Catherine Parr, wife of King Henry VIII, as well as her stepdaughter, Queen Elizabeth I.
  2. It can help greatly for those with certain skin irritations and conditions. The moisturizing fats can help quell redness caused by sunburn, as well as provide relief by dealing with the itchiness that can come with eczema.
  3. Been applying hair color that has dried you out? The moisturizing fats in milk are also good for your hair. Just as a milk bath can nourish irritated skin, it can also help with dealing with damaged strands. It’s recommended that you let your hair have some time to soak, as you do your skin, when you try out this bath.
  4. Why is a milk bath so helpful for dry skin? Milk that increases in lactic acid after a while, when applied to the skin, reportedly helps the top layer of one’s skin to slough off, allowing a smooth new layer to come through.
  5. Milk isn’t the only thing allowed in these type of baths. Switch it up with other skin-friendly options known for their beauty benefits. That includes honey, oatmeal, almond meal, lavender, sea salt, nutmeg, essential oils and more.

So as it turns out, milk isn’t just fantastic for the bones. It can go a long way when it comes to making skin supple and hair smooth. Sounds like something worth giving a try. Plus, if it works for Queen diva Mimi, it should work well for you, too.

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